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As Eden tottered down the hill she thought about Lottie’s reaction to her going out with Teddy and smiled to herself.  It appeared that she was interested in him, the way she came rushing into the room, her cheeks flushed and then her heart must have sank when she learned that he was Eden’s.  She idly wondered what Teddy thought about her now that they had met, but knew how strong his feelings were for her and even if it meant him getting further than usual with Eden, it would definitely take his mind of the innocent little girl he had just encountered.  She pulled out a compact from her purple Marc Jacobs bag and checked her appearance again: hair neatly parted down the middle with just the right amount of corkscrew curls.  Check.  Smooth, creamy skin with a daub of blusher on her cheeks. Check. Tick, black, luscious eyelashes. Check. Bubble gum pink, lacquered lips. Check. And one super hot outfit consisting of very tight pink jeans encasing a round, pert bottom paired with a fl


It was late afternoon and the air was getting cooler and the sky darker when Lottie realised she had left her book on the bench. She walked along the narrow pathway that led down the hill towards the sports field and paused to take in the now familiar scene of the school grounds.  A green blanket was laid out beneath her, the grass catching the last few rays of sunlight so it looked almost like glass.  To her left was the front lawn and a long building which contained most of the classrooms on the ground and first floor and younger year dorms at the top.  Further along, stood the red bricked square gymnasium that had only been erected a few years before and beyond that, the swimming pool.  Looking down, trees dotted the edge of the vast playing field, but the land stretched on and on until it met the darkening sky.  The woods on the right of the field looked harmless when bathed with light, but there were rumours of a mental hospital only a few miles away and girls often scared each o


@Fashgoddess: Did anyone notice Eden was the only one in detention the other day?  Her and Mr Peg were like totally snogging in the bio lab... @bcool: You are kidding?  I knew she was into teachers, but Mr Peg????? @Fashgoddess: Totally serious...i saw them with my OWN EYES @GGirl: Well I hear Eden and Teddy have totally broken up cos he's gay @Fashgoddess: No WAY? More likely cos she's with Mr Peg? @bcool:  Whatever. What are you guys wearing to the ball anyway?


During Biology, Eden was reading a glossy fashion magazine which she had hidden underneath her A4 notepad.  She nudged Sabrina sitting next to her who was doodling and not paying attention to the class either. "Pssst, what do you think about this dress for the ball?" Eden whispered and pointed to a short, tight, electric blue Herve Leger dress. "Nice!  You should definitely get it," Sabrina replied and went back to her doodling.  "God, this is boring, I wish we could go shopping right now," she sighed into the palm of her hand which she was leaning on. "I know, " Eden said and turned a page of her magazine. "Ladies," a deep voice boomed behind them causing them to jump.  Eden's magazine slipped out completely from under her notebook and Sabrina's elbow slid off the table. "Are you paying any attention, whatsoever?" the biology teacher, Mr Peg stood behind them with his hands on his hips.  Eden turned to look


Lottie sat up in bed and wrote in the pink leather hardback diary her mother had given her as a going away present.  She sighed happily as she wrote, satisfied that she had survived her first week at boarding school and enjoyed a fun weekend.  She glanced around the empty dorm, appreciating the silence which would no doubt no last much longer.  The others were gossiping in Bambi and Sky's dorm, further down the hall, but it was lights out soon so she knew they would be back.  She tried to write when they were out as they made fun of her 'babyish' diary as well as pretty much everything else about her.  She didn't particularly care what they thought.  She knew these years would be defining ones in her life and she wanted to jot down every experience, every memory as she knew she would look back on them fondly one day.  She told herself again she didn't care what they thought, but still preferred to write when they weren't there. Lottie glanced at Bethany's b


Eden hogged the large mirror in the dorm while Sabrina and Bethany perched on her bed, peering at little compact mirrors as they waited  patiently  for her to finish.  "Eyelash curler," Eden barked and Bethany handed it to her as if she were a surgeon asking for a scalpel during an operation. "Dior mascara," she requested next and Sabrina fumbled in the overflowing satin Lanvin make up bag trying to locate the correct mascara.   "Is this one any good?" she asked reading the print on the gold tube. "Of course it is, it's the best," Eden replied, "Gimme that," she grabbed it out of Sabrina's hand and proceeded to paint her lashes with the thick brush which she pulled from the tube with a satisfying pop.  After a dusting of shimmery bronzer all over her face, a creamy layer of pale pink lip gloss and a slick of serum over her long, tonged, caramel curls, she stepped back to observe the finished article. "What do you think?


So, the first week of term is finally over and what a drag.  Lottie seems to be settling in with her new friends who are not members of the Blique....strange with her gorgeous looks.  Maybe Eden is too jealous to let her in or maybe she's just not that interested.  We hope Lottie is managing being in the same dorm, but I hear she's only ever there to sleep. It's the weekend so what kind of mischief is everyone going to get up to?  Eden has a date with Teddy, but is that really who she wants to be with?  And Bambi is still texting Mike after their Christmas fling.  Rumour has it he's not exactly ignoring her.  Let's hope his girlfriend doesn't see those messages! Sabrina and Bethany seem to be glued to Eden more than ever these days.  Will they also be joining her on her date as I doubt they can bear to be apart, even for a few hours.  And as for me, I will be in the library all weekend doing my homework.  Yeah right, see you where the party's happening!


In the queue for dinner, Lottie noticed a tall, slim girl with long wavy hair in front of her who was not talking to anyone so she went up to her and tapped her lightly on the shoulder.  The girl turned around startled, her eyes wide.  They were the colour of the clear Caribbean sea. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you jump,” Lottie said softly, “I just wanted to say hello.  I’m Lottie. I'm new” “Oh that’s ok,” the girl replied in a quiet, dreamy voice.  “I was lost in my thoughts so anything would have surprised me!  My name is Fliss.  Fliss Prince,” she held out her hand. It felt cool.   "How are you finding it so far?  Are you in a nice dorm?” “Uh, the one at the end of the hall with the balcony.” “No, I meant, are you with nice people?  Do you know their names?” “Oh, sorry, yes, there is a girl called Eden and um, oh, I can’t remember the other one’s name.  I haven’t really spoken to her yet.  Serena or something like that? And Beth” “Oh you mean Sabrina.  Sabrina Lawren


@violetsmith: The new girl is in a drm with Eden!   @BB_MA: Yeah, heard that.  Apparently she's really pretty @Fashgoddess: Does anyone know where Eden got her studded boots? I wanna pair @Luvme_12: Thnk they're Gucci.Doubt you can afford them @Fashgoddess! @Fashgoddess: Ha ha.....slut. @E_Wallis: Luvme_12 is right, they are Gucci.  And she is a slut...


"I'm here bitches!" Sabrina pushed the door open to the Bluebell dorm and lugged her many bags in behind her.  Her driver was taking too long to park the car and she just couldn't wait so told him to just leave.  She regretted it as soon as she noticed her manicure, done fresh that morning, had chipped, but patience was never her strong point. Eden was standing by the window with a pretty girl Sabrina had never seen before, but she completely ignored her, dropped her bags with a thud and ran over with her arms wide. "I missed you, girlfriend." "Me too, girlfriend." Sabrina let go of her friend's bony frame and nodded her head towards the girl who was still standing there, looking awkward. "Who's this?" Eden paused and then put on the fake nice voice she used when talking to adults, teachers or people she thought were beneath her.   "This is Lottie.  She's new."  Eden draped her arm loosely round the girl'


Lottie knew most people her age would think it rather strange wanting to go to boarding school. And the fact it was all girls, even harder to comprehend.  Her friends at Green Lanes prep school didn’t understand as they were going to local co-eds whilst still living at home.  She thought back to the open day when she first saw Meridien Academy and knew that was where she could see herself.  It had a really homely feel and everyone was so friendly; teachers and students.  The girls she saw around the school looked so cool, even in the unflattering, but subtly customised uniforms they wore.  It reminded Lottie of the countless books she had read and loved about boarding school and it filled her with hope and excitement.  And now Lottie and her mother, Bea, were driving there and Lottie started to recognise some of the landmarks through the window and realised they were getting closer.  The flies in her stomach buzzed around frantically as if she were a week old corpse.  She felt waves


"That  bitch !" Eden Wallis scrolled furiously through her BlackBerry as she read the Meridien Magblog on the bright screen.  How dare this person bring up the mortifying Christmas ball when it had already been gossiped about before school broke up and no doubt throughout the holidays too.  And implying she had put on weight!  Where was this photo that had been mentioned?  Those jeans were Cavalli for God's sake. Eden  was glad she had had the foresight to get to school early, find out which dorm she was in and choose the best spot in the corner. After unpacking a few things from her Louis Vuitton travel bag, she lay back on her freshly pressed Cath Kidston duvet cover and looked at her gold Cartier watch. It was fake of course, but the girls didn’t need to know that and would no doubt be salivating over it as well her Gucci shoe boots she thought, lifting her legs up and rotating her ankles to admire them from every angle.  She had bought them from a second hand de