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During Biology, Eden was reading a glossy fashion magazine which she had hidden underneath her A4 notepad.  She nudged Sabrina sitting next to her who was doodling and not paying attention to the class either.
"Pssst, what do you think about this dress for the ball?" Eden whispered and pointed to a short, tight, electric blue Herve Leger dress.
"Nice!  You should definitely get it," Sabrina replied and went back to her doodling.  "God, this is boring, I wish we could go shopping right now," she sighed into the palm of her hand which she was leaning on.
"I know, " Eden said and turned a page of her magazine.
"Ladies," a deep voice boomed behind them causing them to jump.  Eden's magazine slipped out completely from under her notebook and Sabrina's elbow slid off the table.
"Are you paying any attention, whatsoever?" the biology teacher, Mr Peg stood behind them with his hands on his hips.  Eden turned to look at him.  He was very tall and towered over her.  He had a weather-beaten, craggy face with a mop of bushy dark hair which was peppered with grey above each ear and he wore heavy tortoise shell glasses which often slipped down his long nose.  He wasn't actually that bad looking for a teacher and couldn't have been more than mid thirties, but his supercilious tone always irritated her, plus the fact his trousers were always about two inches too short premiering bright red socks.  Eden hitched her school skirt up and crossed her legs as she batted her eyelashes at him.  His eyes flicked very briefly to her legs, but unfortunately the magazine slid off the countertop and he reached out to catch it before it fell to the floor.  He thumbed through it slowly and looked back at Eden.  "Interesting reading material, Miss Wallis.  I see this really has a lot to do with Photosynthesis."  He snapped the magazine shut and folded it in half, "I'm confiscating this and I will see you back here in detention after school."  Eden gasped in disbelief and turned back to her desk.

Reluctantly she walked to the Biology lab after her last class for the day.  Mr Peg was sitting there waiting for her and he motioned for her to sit down.  "Right, you can write 1000 words on exactly what you should have been paying attention to in class earlier.  I have left some books out for you to get some research, but I'll know if you plagiarise." Eden glanced at four huge hardbook books piled on top of each other in front of her.  "And if you do a good job, then you can have your magazine back." Mr Peg leaned back in his seat smugly.  "You have two hours."
About an hour into the paper, Eden heard laughing and looked up to see Lottie through the window walking past the lab.  She was with one of her new pals and laughing happily.  Eden dug her pen hard into the paper as she thought about her roommate.  Things had not worked out as she had expected.  All the other girls in school fawned over Eden, copied her, wanted to be like her, but not Lottie.  She practically ignored her and spent all her time with that drip Fliss and those other two girls whose names she couldn't even bother to remember.  She also couldn't believe how Lottie had confronted her like that the other night, no one had ever done that.  She had been drinking most of the day in the pub and carried on when she got back to the dorm after they got Teddy to buy some vodka for them.  Her and the girls had been having such a good bitch about everyone and then Lottie waltzed in all cheerful and Eden couldn't stand it.  If she wasn't going to look up to her, then she wanted her out of her dorm.  Either that or to make her life as miserable as possible.  And surely that could be fun, couldn't it?  She had heard Lottie say numerous times how much she hated spiders, the old school buildings were full of them.  So Eden was thrilled to find a large dead one by the front door and she got Sky to pick it up (she had to pay her to do so) and put it under Lottie's pillow.  Eden chuckled to herself as she remembered the shock on her face when she found it.  Mr Peg coughed and peered over his glasses at Eden so she frowned and went back to her paper.  Her plan would have to wait for the time being.

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