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Eden hogged the large mirror in the dorm while Sabrina and Bethany perched on her bed, peering at little compact mirrors as they waited patiently for her to finish.  "Eyelash curler," Eden barked and Bethany handed it to her as if she were a surgeon asking for a scalpel during an operation.
"Dior mascara," she requested next and Sabrina fumbled in the overflowing satin Lanvin make up bag trying to locate the correct mascara.  
"Is this one any good?" she asked reading the print on the gold tube.
"Of course it is, it's the best," Eden replied, "Gimme that," she grabbed it out of Sabrina's hand and proceeded to paint her lashes with the thick brush which she pulled from the tube with a satisfying pop.  After a dusting of shimmery bronzer all over her face, a creamy layer of pale pink lip gloss and a slick of serum over her long, tonged, caramel curls, she stepped back to observe the finished article.
"What do you think?" Eden asked the girls which was ridiculous in itself as she already knew the answer.  
"Amazing," they replied in unison although Sabrina was really thinking that Eden's face didn't match her pale neck and Bethany thought she had used a touch too much serum and her roots looked a bit greasy.
Eden admired her outfit of a pair of indigo skinny jeans with a floaty, vintagey cream blouse which had a black ribbon bow around the neck.  She teamed it with a fitted black blazer on which she fastened a pearl Chanel brooch and slid matching pearl drop Chanel earrings through her lobes.  On her feet she wore pale green snakeskin ballet pumps with the ubiquitous Ferragamo buckle bow.    She had been wearing the black version for school all week and already three other girls had ordered them online.  Sometimes Eden found it flattering and sometimes it irritated her, depending what mood she was in.  She sometimes incorporated really horrible accessories into her outfits just to see the reaction, but they would still become the latest trend at Meridien.
"Get ready, we need to leave in a minute!" Eden snapped and the girls leapt to their feet and jostled each other for space in front of the mirror, both of them looking like Eden clones ten minutes later.

The pub was noisy and packed with half the girls from the senior year, and various ages boys from Graystone.  There were a smattering of locals whose faces looked pinched every time the door opened and a group of giggling girls would come in bringing with them a rush of cold air and the smell of cigarette smoke mingled with perfume.  Eden pushed slightly in front of Sabrina and Bethany, her head held high seeking out Teddy, and of course Noah.  She spotted Teddy immediately, leaning against the bar and laughing with the barman.  He wore crisp chinos with an emerald green thick ribbed Ralph Lauren sweater.  He noticed the barman glance towards the open door and saw Eden.  Grinning, he rushed towards her, putting his arms around her in a bear hug.
"Careful," Eden snapped and her body stiffened as the bottle of beer he held in his right hand knocked against her back.  She realised people were looking at them so relaxed and wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him towards her in a passionate kiss, knowing everyone was thinking how glamorous they looked together.  She opened one eye and tried to search for a certain dark haired boy above Teddy's frantically moving jaw, but couldn't see him.  Placing her hands on Teddy's chest she gently pushed him away.  His handsome, yet bland face looked stunned and was covered in pink gloss and Eden swallowed some nausea.  She plastered on a smile, whipped out her lip gloss from her pocket and tittered prettily for her audience, 
"I'll have a drink now darling.  A G&T would be good."
A few hours later Eden was bored as there was still no sign of Noah and she was trying to fend off Teddy who groped her at every opportunity.  Sabrina and Bethany were in their element being chatted up by some of Teddy's friend. 
And at least two girls from the year above were frantically trying to order Ferragamo pumps on their Smartphones, only to be informed they were out of stock.

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