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"That bitch!"
Eden Wallis scrolled furiously through her BlackBerry as she read the Meridien Magblog on the bright screen.  How dare this person bring up the mortifying Christmas ball when it had already been gossiped about before school broke up and no doubt throughout the holidays too.  And implying she had put on weight!  Where was this photo that had been mentioned?  Those jeans were Cavalli for God's sake.

Eden was glad she had had the foresight to get to school early, find out which dorm she was in and choose the best spot in the corner. After unpacking a few things from her Louis Vuitton travel bag, she lay back on her freshly pressed Cath Kidston duvet cover and looked at her gold Cartier watch. It was fake of course, but the girls didn’t need to know that and would no doubt be salivating over it as well her Gucci shoe boots she thought, lifting her legs up and rotating her ankles to admire them from every angle.  She had bought them from a second hand designer shop in Knightsbridge, but at least they were real and only last season.

She took out a packet of Blue Vogue cigarettes from her handbag, went to the window and opened it as wide as it would go, shivering in the frigid air. She lit a cigarette with a crystal encrusted lighter and inhaled deeply.  Her phone beeped, indicating she had a text message.  There were actually two texts, one from Sabrina saying how excited she was to be in the same dorm and that she would be there soon.  The other was from Teddy Jacobs, a boy in the same year at Graystone School, the nearby boarding school for boys.

Hey E, hope you had a great Christmas.
Another term....ugh, not in the mood for classes.
Hope to see you soon, maybe on the wkend?
T x

Eden smiled as she slid the phone shut without replying.  She liked Teddy.  He was gorgeous and came from a rich family who owned a large property portfolio which spanned London and the South of France.  He sported a lean, muscular body as he played tennis often, had great dress sense, even it was a bit Ralph Lauren preppy for Eden’s liking.  And to top it off he had glorious, thick, golden hair unlike a few of his classmates who were already losing theirs.  The only problem was that he wasn’t Noah Hall, Teddy's friend. Noah was always perfectly friendly with Eden, but there was a coolness about him and he had a way of looking at her as if he didn’t believe a word she said.  This made him even more irresistible as she usually had the male species in the palm of her hand with one flutter of her Dior mascaraed lashes. Noah had the bone structure of a statue with cheekbones so sharp you could cut paper with them.  His hair was cut short at the back and sides, but he had a mop of tumbling black curls which fell over his forehead and he had a habit of sweeping them back off his face with long pale fingers.  Eden imagined those fingers stroking her face and pulling her towards him as he kissed her deeply and she savoured the image. She felt a burning sensation on her finger and when her eyes flew open, she realised the cigarette had burned right down to the filter so she dropped it as it it were a spider. She flicked the stub out of the window and slammed it shut, looking at her Cartier again. She was bored and couldn't function by herself for long, but had got to school so early she knew no one else had arrived yet. Her stomach grumbled, reminding her she hadn't eaten anything except half a grapefruit that morning, and even that she had thrown up. She had some chocolate in her bag, but ignored it thinking back to the comment about her white jeans.
She poked her head around the door, still not hearing any noise from the hall or any of the dorms so reluctantly unpacked the rest of her bags. Where the hell was Sabrina?

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