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As Eden tottered down the hill she thought about Lottie’s reaction to her going out with Teddy and smiled to herself.  It appeared that she was interested in him, the way she came rushing into the room, her cheeks flushed and then her heart must have sank when she learned that he was Eden’s.  She idly wondered what Teddy thought about her now that they had met, but knew how strong his feelings were for her and even if it meant him getting further than usual with Eden, it would definitely take his mind of the innocent little girl he had just encountered.  She pulled out a compact from her purple Marc Jacobs bag and checked her appearance again: hair neatly parted down the middle with just the right amount of corkscrew curls.  Check.  Smooth, creamy skin with a daub of blusher on her cheeks. Check. Tick, black, luscious eyelashes. Check. Bubble gum pink, lacquered lips. Check. And one super hot outfit consisting of very tight pink jeans encasing a round, pert bottom paired with a floaty butterfly printed top trimmed with crystal and pearl buttons, and as it was cold, a thick cream cardigan trimmed in rabbit fur. Yes, she looked irresistible Eden thought as she slipped the compact back in her bag and sauntered down the hill.  Teddy was sitting on the bench with his long legs splayed out and he looked asleep.  She was annoyed he hadn’t witnessed her entrance and nudged his leg to get his attention.  He grunted and sleepily opened one eye and then the next and quickly sat up straight as he spotted her.
“Oh hey, sorry, must have slipped off there.” he took a peek at his chunky silver watch, “you kept me waiting rather a long time!”
“A girl has to get herself ready, doesn’t she?” Eden said with a giggle and reached out for his hand to pull him up.
“So, where are you taking me tonight then?” she asked coyly, looking up at him through her long lashes.  She was pleased to see his eyes running up and down her body, taking in her long legs in the skinny jeans.  She turned slightly so he could see the curve of her bottom and she noticed his eyes widen further.
“Oh, um, well there’s a band playing at The Sect which I thought we could go to, but it doesn’t start for a bit so I thought we could grab something to eat at Presley’s first.  Eden’s heart sank at the thought of the temptation at the local Diner as she had barely eaten anything for two days knowing she had to fit in the jeans.  However, she smiled and wound a curl round her finger and said,
“Sounds perfect, let’s go!”  

At Presley's, Teddy grabbed a free booth and and Eden sat across from him ensconced in the cherry red leather banquette.  Eden picked insistently at the corners of the laminated menu with her mint green painted nails so Teddy placed a large palm over her hand to stop her.  She looked up with a hint of irritation in her eyes, but then smiled and Teddy thought it seemed slightly forced.  He thought back to the stunning girl who had come to fetch her book and her genuine wide smile with plump, pink lips and large, chocolate drop eyes.  He didn’t quite catch her name as the wind had caught it and taken it with her.  It could have been Lottie as Eden often mentioned her room-mate of that name, but she complained about her so much, it couldn’t have been.  He remembered the way her cheeks had stained red when he had said she would do if his date didn’t turn up. She had such an endearing innocence about her.  And now, looking at Eden who was studying the menu and frowning, picking at the corner of the menu with her other hand, he wished that she hadn’t turned up and that he was in the booth with the other girl instead.  The waiter approached the table and said, “What are you having, kids?” and tapped his pen against his order pad.
“Hmm, I’ll just have the chicken burger, but with no cheese, no mayo, no fries and a diet coke,” Eden replied and then Teddy proceeded to order half the menu and she couldn’t help but look at him with disgust.  He seemed to notice her expression and shrugged his wide shoulders,
“What, I’m starving!  I was playing tennis most of the day and haven’t eaten,” he flashed a crooked smile at her.
“Well, that’s OK then,” she replied and shifted on the banquette.  They discussed school and Teddy relayed a story about his friend, Dapper, playing a hilarious prank on someone, but Eden was only half listening and was mostly thinking about Noah and wondering if he would be at the gig later.  And as the waiter arrived with their orders and Eden hungrily stuffed the burger in her mouth, the door opened and just as she had hoped, there was Noah, shortly followed by Dapper Williams and Colton Banks.  Eden quickly swallowed, but the burger decided to go the wrong way so she had a very loud and spluttering coughing fit.  Teddy pushed the diet coke towards her while simultaneously slurping on his peanut butter milkshake and cramming french fries in between his lips.  Noah spotted them and strutted over in his tight, navy skinny jeans with a crisp, dust grey fitted T-shirt with discreet Armani logo and pale green suede loafers.
“Hey Ted, Eden,” he nodded at them. “You OK?” he looked at Eden with his piercing eyes, hair falling onto his wide, tanned forehead which he swept back a second later.  Eden had a palm on her chest as she tried to stop coughing, delicately dabbed at her mouth with the napkin, nodded and smiled coyly.
“Yes, yes, of course.  I’m good!  And you?”
“Great! You guys off to the Sect later?”
“Yeah, mate,” Teddy mumbled around his double burger with extra bacon.  Eden felt suitably composed now,
“We’re going after this.  Are you?  Come with us if you like?”

Noah raised a slim eyebrow beneath his flopping fringe which he pushed back again.
“Ah, thanks, but we were just going to hang out here for a bit and then go to the pub to play pool”  Eden wriggled back into the seat as far as it would allow and crossed her legs, hoping Noah could get a glimpse of her long legs.
Teddy was oblivious as he was so engrossed in the food on his plate, but Noah raised his eyebrow again, in what Eden thought was an appreciative gesture.  He then looked up as could hear his name being called and Dapper and Colton were waving furiously at him from across the room.
“Ok chaps, have fun.  I’ll see you later,” he said, pushed back his hair and walked off.
Eden sighed, her appetite forgotten so she pushed away her plate of food and fiddled with the straw in her drink instead.  She watched Teddy continue to stuff food in his mouth, ketchup smeared around his lips and grimaced in disgust.  She felt so frustrated sitting on a date with this pig when she could be with Noah who was so cool and sophisticated (as long as he got rid of his stupid friends.)  Why didn’t he fancy her?  What else could she do?  She knew leading Teddy on wasn’t the answer and she would have to tell him sooner rather than later.
“Do you know who that girl is?” Teddy asked through a mouthful of fries.  
“What girl?” she snapped suspiciously, but somehow already knew the answer.
“There was a girl just before you came to meet me at the bench.  Kind of coffee coloured skin and long hair,” he said almost dreamily.  Eden surreptitiously undid a button of her top and adjusted her oyster coloured satin bra so her breasts were hoisted up.  She leaned forward to sneak a fry from the rapidly decreasing pile in the bowl and hoped he would look up and see her succulent cleavage.  She cleared her throat while still leaning forward and he finally looked up and straight down her top which caused a chip to lodge in his throat and he spluttered, red in the face.  Eden smiled, pleased at the effect she had on him and knew that Lottie would be forgotten.  If only temporarily.


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So this time next week we will be in our tiniest, tightest Dolce dresses dancing (and hopefully smooching) with the Graystone boys.  The great hall will be lit to show off our subtle make up beautifully applied at Mac or Shu Uemura, our hair perfectly styled at Richard Ward or Daniel Galvin.  Daddy's chauffeur will certainly be busy going back and forth from Meridien to London for those last minute fittings at Harvey Nics and maybe a sneaky pre-ball cocktail at Bar Boulud.  Non alcoholic of course! The question we all want to know, apart from who will be wearing what, is who will be dancing with whom?  Obviously Eden and Teddy are inseparable these days.  Apparently Smithy and Bambi have been texting lately (but he's not the only boy on her speedial and, by the way, what happened to Bethany's brother Mike??) Rumour has it Noah has broken up with his girlfriend from the rival girls' school we do not mention so he's back on the market.  And so is another hotty, Jami


Eden flicked a piece of lint off her knee as she wriggled back into the low, plush, baby blue leather seat in the middle of the Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel.  She glimpsed at her watch, pleased to see everything was running on time.  The very slim, very beautiful waitress dressed entirely in black except for a slick of pillar-box red lipstick leaned over Eden and asked if she would like another glass of champagne.  She nodded and after the waitress left, wafting Chanel No 5, Eden surreptitiously pulled a compact from her studded clutch and examined her appearance.  Her hairdresser had done a fabulous job and her newly highlighted hair had been teased and whipped into an intricate, glamorous up-do.  Her make up, courtesy of Paolo Michaela, who did all the shows at Fashion Week, was very natural.  Creamy skin with a hint of blush and thick, glossy false eyelashes teamed with pale pink lip gloss.  Diamonds gleamed at her throat and dangled from her ears.  The champagne flute was poured


Lottie shivered in her strapless dress as the wind whipped around her. She was cold and yet her armpits felt slick with sweat and her hands clammy. Her heart was beating out of time to the relentless thump thump thump of the music which could be heard in the distance. She slid her phone out of her clutch bag, but there were no new messages. The girls were giggling and swirling around the dance floor the last time she had seen them. She doubted they would miss her. She shivered again. Where was he? And then, as she looked up, she saw a glowing orange light which was moving towards her. She squinted into the night and couldn't see anything else, just the orange dot which got closer and closer and then disappeared altogether. "Lottie!" A male voice called out and her heart beat even faster. Before she knew it, he was standing in front of her. His bow tie was undone and his white shirt unbuttoned so the top of his chest gleamed in the moonlight. His hair was rump