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It’s the day before a new term and my first column for the Meridien Academy Magblog.  It’s a shame Shona had to resign, but she has too many other commitments....piano, ballet and calling all those boys she met over the Christmas holidays while her boyfriend was away skiing.  Oops, did I let the cat out of the bag?  Well, I promise to make this blog even more gossipy and bitchier than ever before.  
And now news of the most popular group at this school...the girls you all aspire to be.  The ones with the wealthiest parents, the most expensive designer clothes, the most gorgeous is of course, the Blique:
Eden is back from her holiday in the Carribbean with an amazing tan, but did she eat too much Christmas pudding as there is a pic online of her wearing very tight white jeans. is that a muffin top we spot?  That still didn't stop her partying with the hottest guys and loads of celebs who were also there.  Daddy threw an amazing party on new year’s eve and this huge band, who I'm sure you all know, performed for, no doubt, a ginormous fee.  And of course Eden wouldn’t be seen without her best friend Sabrina who flew out on Boxing Day.  Well, who would miss out on Christmas lunch at Claridges when a super famous footballer and his fashion designer wife are eating turkey at the next table?

Bambi and Sky spent most of the holiday at Bethany’s stately home in the country.  Vegging out for days on end is only glamorous if you do it in the right venue.  And of course there is Bethany’s handsome brother Mike and all his friends who happened to be staying also.  I wonder who ended up sneaking through the secret alley to their quarters? I’m sure you can guess...

You better start booking your beauty appointments and planning your outfits for the Graystone ball in a few months.  After weeks of being cooped up with just us girls, we’ll need some serious boy action.  And I’m sure they’ll be feeling the same about us.  The Christmas party will have seemed such a long time ago by then. Although I doubt anyone could forget Ria passing out on the dance floor, but not before puking over Eden's Versace. Oh well, it looked like she was being comforted by a Graystone Housemaster, Mr Morris, a few hours later so it wasn't a total disaster.....

Ooh and last but not least, we have a few new girls joining us.  Maud was sick last term so couldn't start on time and Lottie has been transferred to Meridien from her local day school.  I’m not sure why, in the middle of the school year, but of course I will try to find out.  My gossip will be much better than Shona’s, you can count on it.  Let me know your thoughts.  Until next time....

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