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So, the first week of term is finally over and what a drag.  Lottie seems to be settling in with her new friends who are not members of the Blique....strange with her gorgeous looks.  Maybe Eden is too jealous to let her in or maybe she's just not that interested.  We hope Lottie is managing being in the same dorm, but I hear she's only ever there to sleep.

It's the weekend so what kind of mischief is everyone going to get up to?  Eden has a date with Teddy, but is that really who she wants to be with?  And Bambi is still texting Mike after their Christmas fling.  Rumour has it he's not exactly ignoring her.  Let's hope his girlfriend doesn't see those messages!

Sabrina and Bethany seem to be glued to Eden more than ever these days.  Will they also be joining her on her date as I doubt they can bear to be apart, even for a few hours.  And as for me, I will be in the library all weekend doing my homework.  Yeah right, see you where the party's happening!
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