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"I'm here bitches!"
Sabrina pushed the door open to the Bluebell dorm and lugged her many bags in behind her.  Her driver was taking too long to park the car and she just couldn't wait so told him to just leave.  She regretted it as soon as she noticed her manicure, done fresh that morning, had chipped, but patience was never her strong point.
Eden was standing by the window with a pretty girl Sabrina had never seen before, but she completely ignored her, dropped her bags with a thud and ran over with her arms wide.
"I missed you, girlfriend."
"Me too, girlfriend."
Sabrina let go of her friend's bony frame and nodded her head towards the girl who was still standing there, looking awkward.
"Who's this?"
Eden paused and then put on the fake nice voice she used when talking to adults, teachers or people she thought were beneath her.  
"This is Lottie.  She's new." 
Eden draped her arm loosely round the girl's shoulders in a proprietary fashion.  Sabrina stared at them.  They could almost be sisters as they were both tall and slim with long, similar coloured, wavy hair, but although Eden was striking, she wore far too much make up and had a conceited look about her.  Lottie had a heart shaped face and skin the colour of cafe latte, hazel eyes with flecks of green in them fringed with long, mascaraless eyelashes and plump, rosebud pink lips. Sabrina looked at Eden's rictus smile and knew she wasn't happy about this. New girls were supposed to be dull, ugly and quiet so they could blend in like wallpaper and be bullied and patronised, but a girl with these kinds of looks posed a problem. She obviously didn't have a clue about fashion or style as she wore bootcut jeans which were so 2003, a grey shapeless jumper and, gasp, brand new, unblemished pink converse sneakers which she obviously thought were still on trend. God knows where you could even buy them these days. Sabrina looked down to her own Miu Miu sneakers with gold glitter and silver studs on the toe. She had been on a waiting list for a month, but it was so worth it.
"Hi," she barely acknowledged Lottie, "Ugh, I can't believe I have to unpack my bags myself," Sabrina dragged her luggage over to the bed Eden had saved next to her.
"I know, what are we going to do without our staff all term?" Eden complained.
They started gossiping about their recent holiday as Eden sat on her bed and Sabrina unpacked and they didn't even notice that Lottie had left the room.

"So who else is here with us, Bethany?" Sabrina asked.
"Yep although I don't know how she is going to be separated from those two cling on's after spending all Christmas with them. Did you hear about Bambi and Beth's brother, Mike? She's been hankering after him for years although I don't think she realises he has a girlfriend at Uni."
"She's such a slut," Sabrina muttered.
"OMG, I love this," Eden pulled out a shocking pink evening dress from the bowels of Sabrina's suitcase. "Who is it, de la Renta?"
"Of course," Sabrina said smugly and quickly put it in a plastic suit bag to hang up. She didn't want Eden looking at it too closely and realising it wasn't Oscar de la Renta, but from a website which was renowned for copying designers, but at high street prices. Eden had, of course, already seen the label, but she liked to make her friends feel uncomfortable whenever the opportunity presented itself. She observed her mint green coloured nails and looked around the room realising Lottie wasn't in it. She thought about her stunning looks and felt a strange twinge in her chest. She hoped Lottie wouldn’t make life difficult for her.  She was known as the prettiest looking girl in school, the most fashionable, the most lusted after.  Ever since she was a little girl she had been able to manipulate people and the older she got she had learned how to use her ever increasing beauty to her advantage.  She wasn’t stupid.  She didn’t just read trashy books and fashion magazines, but newspapers and serious novels so she would be able to converse with adults so they would realise she was cultured and intelligent.  It was also another way of putting down her peers and making herself stand out from the crowd.  She could tell immediately that Lottie didn’t have any experience of life, that she was immature, innocent and naive and most definitely a virgin.  Ideas swirled around her head like an evil vortex and she smiled to herself.
"So, what do you think of the new girl?" Sabrina seemed to know what Eden was thinking.
"Completely tragic," she said.
"I agree, completely tragic," Sabrina said. And they both laughed.

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