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Eden floated into the house and was in such a dreamlike state, she didn't even realise her housemistress was standing right by the front door.   Mrs Bell dressed (and acted) like she was at a boarding school in the 1940s.  She was tall and pencil thin and wore a skirt suit which consisted of a brown pencil skirt which fell mid calf and a very fitted, slightly flared at the waist, matching jacket in a stiff material.  A small, indistinguishable brooch was pinned to her left lapel.  Her dark hair was pulled back in an elegant chignon and a slash of red across her lips provided colour to an otherwise drab palette.   The slash of red moved. "Er, Eden, this is rather late to be coming in isn't it?" she asked while glancing pointedly at a delicate silver and marcasite watch on her wrist. "I know you said you had to go home for a family emergency, but I was expecting you back earlier. Or at least a phone call to say you would be late." She peered through the wi


Sunday Evening And I thought I would have to wait until after the ball for some gossip, but it seems I was wrong.  All anyone can talk about is where Mr Jacobs disappeared to last night and who he is with.  Is it a blonde bobbed girl he met last week or is it a certain new girl?  It couldn't be anyone as boring as his girlfriend, could it?  She hasn't been around all night either.... Mr Wallis's driver was seen waiting outside school last night and a spy tells me he drove to The Dorchester via Graystone.  Another spy also informs me practically everything on the room service menu was ordered at around 10pm.  Either someone was in a bad mood or they were hungry after a night of passion. And now the whole day has gone and neither of them have been seen since.  Surely hotel check out was at midday?  The new girl was seen at the bench looking forlorn and shivering in the cold.  Wonder what she is so upset about?  She missed lunch and dinner, but that's nothing new


DAPPER WILLIAMS Sent @ 23:34 Yo T! So what happened with Eden then? DAPPER WILLIAMS Sent @ 01:04 You're missing a really good party, mate, hope it's going well? DAPPER WILLIAMS Sent @ 03:17 Calll me when u gt this. I'm still out.  At th partay  DAPPER WILLIAMS Sent @ 11:23 Where are you? NOAH HALL Received @ 11:26 Dap, you were crazy last night, boy!   Nah, I haven't heard from him? NOAH HALL Sent @ 12:02 Hey Ted, Are you coming to tennis practice later? NOAH HALL Received @ 12:05 Really?  No, I didn't know he was breaking up with her. Still doesn't explain where he is though? DAPPER WILLIAMS Sent @ 13:28 Still going to voicemail.... TEDDY JACOBS Received @ 13:45 Ted, can you get back to Dapper cos he's doing my nut! BTW did you dump E? Where are you? Call me.


Teddy awoke to the smell of french fries and it took a moment to work out where he was.  He was fully clothed and lying face down on top of a bed, his face in a puddle of drool on the super soft Egyptian cotton pillowcase.  Lifting his head slightly he saw Eden next to him, under the sheets, with a massive tray of food on her lap while watching the giant flat screen TV jutting out from the foot of the bed. "Ede?" "Oh hello, Teddy.  Nice sleep?" she asked sarcastically while taking a delicate bite of a cheeseburger.  Teddy sat up and noticed she was wearing a sexy, satiny thing, the strap falling off one shoulder.  She had a smear of tomato ketchup on her cheek.  He looked around the room, at his clothes strewn on the floor, back at Eden in bed ignoring him and realised his colossal error.  She had never looked more beautiful, more sexy.  The soft lighting softened her sharp features and her hair was a frizzy tangle of blonde against the pillow. He was so used to s


"Ello Miss Wallis," Derek said in his gruff cockney accent as he opened the Mercedes door for Eden.  She glanced at his rotund body which was stuffed into a cheap black suit like a sausage in a sausage roll and as she slid onto the cold leather seat she caught a whiff of pickled onion crisps.  She wrinkled her nose and brushed a piece of fluff from her knee.  "Daddy really must get a new driver," she thought.  Derek had been with the family for years and was reliable if not a little shabby looking. And he did not stop talking as they drove down the narrow country lanes towards Graystone.  Eden was feeling nervous and couldn't concentrate so just sniffed every so often and hoped he would take the hint and shut up.  He didn't.  Fortunately it wasn't long until they reached the turning and the car scrunched down a long gravel path until it reached an impressive, intricately designed wrought iron gateway.  The gates swung open as if they could sense the app


OK, so a bit of background on Eden.  She liked to make out she was experienced in the bedroom department, but she had never actually gone all the way.  She had come close with ex boyfriends, but always freaked out at the last minute and then dumped them using the excuse to her friends that they just weren't up to scratch.  Deep down, under the layers of make up, designer clothes and bitchiness, Eden was just like every other normal teenager and waiting for the one she was actually in love with.  Preferably Noah.  But she had a dilemma (and not just that she was going out with his friend.) Noah was meant to be very experienced so if they did get together, and surely it was only a matter of time, then she would need practice first.  She didn't like this Lottie/Teddy situation, however innocent it seemed.  She didn't like the fact he might be losing interest in her and she wanted to do something about it.  And that something was sex.  Yes, it was time to give it up and nothing


DIRECT MESSAGES @Dapper1: Yo T! You coming out tonight?  @TeddyJ: Sorry, mate, meeting Eden @Dapper1:  Ah, the ol' ball and chain.  At least someone is getting some! @TeddyJ:  I'm thinking of ending it actually... @Dapper1:  What?  Are you kidding me?  With looks like that, are you sure? @TeddyJ:  It hasn't been right for a while... @Dapper1: There's no one else then? @TeddyJ: No comment


@pinkpolish: Spotted: Eden in Agent Provocateur today buying crotchless knickers...wonder who they are for? @GGirl:  Can't be Teddy as he was seen making out with the new girl today @pinkpolish: Mr Peg then?! @Angeljeansgirl:  Nah, we were totally wrong about that...Teddy and Eden are so back on @GGirl:  The new girl has lost so much weight anyway.  She keeps skipping meals. @bcool:  What do you expect? She lives with the Blique.  She's probably on those gross juice things.


Saturday 21st January Eden felt good about herself. She had enjoyed the afternoon shopping with her friends and getting a makeover at Mac. As she looked at herself in the mirror and fluttered her freshly applied false eyelashes she thought about Teddy and how she had been ignoring him all week. Seeing as it was Saturday and they usually did something in the evening, she decided to forgo being pissed off with him and send a text suggesting they meet up. Thx for ur messages, been so busy this week. You free later? Meet at the usual at 7ish if so? E x She was rather surprised not to hear back immediately, but then thought he might be playing tennis or something. Patience is a virtue after all. "Do you think we got enough choices for the ball or shall we go shopping again next week?" Sabrina was asking as her, Eden and Bethany carried their numerous shopping bags into the dorm about an hour later. They all looked at each other and giggled, "shopping a


@BB_MA: Has anyone seen Bambi in this month's Vogue?  She looks so amaaazing.  I can't believe we go to school with a supermodel @Angeljeansgirl: Ahh, thanks guys.  Glad you like.   @LoveTeen: I heard Eden offered to pay Bambi's dad so she could also star in an ad as well @pinkpolish: Yeah and he's ignoring her calls.  Just like Teddy is as he's got two other girlfriends now @Fashgoddess: I heard Eden hooked up with the drummer in that band at the Sect.  Teddy caught them at it backstage. @E_Wallis:  Have you people not got anything better to do?


So, a lot has been going on lately and sorry I haven't been in touch.  Did anyone see The Crows playing at the Sect the other night?  They were sooo good and i have their album on repeat on my ipod.  There was a certain pink jeaned girl there too, but she seemed a little out of place if you ask me.  Maybe because her boyfriend spent the whole night chatting up a blonde bobbed girl instead of her....or maybe she just wasn't wearing enough black, like everyone else. Talking of boyfriends, it seems it's not just blondes he's interested in.  Borrow a book from someone, did we?  How innocent.  Or maybe not.  Someone give that girl some carbs as she's looking a bit peaky at the moment. And the ball is in 2 weeks and I for one can't wait.  Who will be hooking up with who?  And most importantly, what are we going to wear?  I know a few of you have Harvey Nichols on speedial or a designer Dad who can whip up an amazing dress, but some of us will have to make do with


Yes, they have ridiculous names, but haven't you noticed that members of the Blique are hardly called Sarah or Jane?  Bambi and Sky have only been mentioned in passing so far so let's introduce them. If you replaced the M with an R and added an E at the end of Bambi then you can imagine what she   looked like.   Bambi  Braithwaite  was of average height with very long, very straight, very blonde hair.  She had a year round tan (courtesy of a bottle of Fake Bake) and a pretty heart shaped face with bright blue eyes, a tiny snub nose (courtesy of Dr Finkleman in Harley Street) and a plump bottom lip giving her a permanent pout.  She was renowned for her JJ boobs (possibly courtesy of Dr Finkleman, but she never admitted it) which she flaunted in very tight, low cut tops.  Bambi's father was a famous fashion designer (you know, the one who married another famous fashion designer and I don't mean a female one....) so she had a wardrobe full of his latest collections.  She


Saturday 21st January He watched her stomping up the hill, her floaty floral dress lifting above her thighs, her long curls flying out behind her like wings.  He called out a few times, but she didn't seem to hear him.  And then she paused and turned around, her expression puzzled.  When she spotted him, the warmth of her smile could rival the sun.  She walked back down until she was standing in front of him and shyly looked up at his face from under her thick eyelashes.  "Hey," she said in a soft voice. "Hey!" he laughed.   Silence.  This was awkward. Teddy had been thinking about this girl with no name since he first laid eyes on her the week before.  Eden had been funny with him ever since they had gone out to The Sect and he didn't know what her problem was.  She had been ignoring his calls and texts and he thought he would try to meet with her that afternoon or evening, but something had been telling him to keep the day free, to go back to the benc