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Eden floated into the house and was in such a dreamlike state, she didn't even realise her housemistress was standing right by the front door.  Mrs Bell dressed (and acted) like she was at a boarding school in the 1940s.  She was tall and pencil thin and wore a skirt suit which consisted of a brown pencil skirt which fell mid calf and a very fitted, slightly flared at the waist, matching jacket in a stiff material.  A small, indistinguishable brooch was pinned to her left lapel.  Her dark hair was pulled back in an elegant chignon and a slash of red across her lips provided colour to an otherwise drab palette.  
The slash of red moved. "Er, Eden, this is rather late to be coming in isn't it?" she asked while glancing pointedly at a delicate silver and marcasite watch on her wrist. "I know you said you had to go home for a family emergency, but I was expecting you back earlier. Or at least a phone call to say you would be late." She peered through the window in attempt to see who had deposited Eden back at the house, but it was too dark. Eden tried to control the stupid grin she knew she wore and drew her eyebrows together to look concerned.
"Oh, well Mrs Bell, I am so sorry, but time just ran away from my father and I, with everything going on."
"I trust everything is alright though?" Mrs Bell asked.
"Yes of course," Eden replied breezily and did not elaborate. She shifted from one foot to another and sighed. There was a long pause as Mrs Bell deliberated what to say.
"Okay, Eden. As I said, it's late, so please can you go upstairs and get ready for bed." Eden gratefully stepped past Mrs Bell and continued up the stair case.
"Oh, and Eden?" Eden rolled her eyes and turned around.
"Please call me next time and it would be better to have a bit more information of your whereabouts. You are supposed to be in the Academy's care, after all," she said.
"Yes, Mrs Bell. Of course", Eden replied sweetly and practically ran up the stairs towards her dorm.

"I wonder when she's coming back?" Bambi asked no one in particular as she sat on Bethany's bed and picked at the nail polish on her toe nails.
"She texted me earlier to say she was on her way," Sabrina said smugly, waving her iPhone as if to prove it.
"Has she said anything else?" Sky asked running her hand over her cropped hair.
"Nope. Just that she was on her way back, that's all."
Bambi looked up and grinned at Sabrina, "She doesn't tell you everything then, does she?" Sabrina stuck her tongue out at Bambi in response.
"I could text Dapper and see if he knows if Teddy is back," Sky said.
"I'm sure she'll be back soon," a voice squeaked from the corner of the room and the girls all looked sharply at Lottie who was sitting up in bed reading a book.
"Did you even know she was in here?" Bambi whispered and the girls all laughed. Lottie shrugged and went back to her book, but the truth was she was an anxious as the others to know where Eden was, and most importantly, what had happened with Teddy. She glanced at her mobile on the nightstand to see if it was flashing with a new text, but it remained blank. She had given herself a firm talking to since Eden left last night. It was obvious Teddy wasn't interested in her. Why would he be? And then she remembered the way he had looked at her. And sat and talked with her. And put her number into his phone. And then a few hours later gone off and had sex with Eden. She sighed loudly. It just obviously wasn't meant to be.
The door swung open and a familiar voice sing-songed, "I'm baaaack!" and the huddle of girls all unfolded themselves from the beds they were perching or lying on and rushed over to Eden who, even Lottie had to admit, looked glowing.
"What happened, what happened? Tell us everything!" they were all asking simultaneously and pawing at her like a flock of birds over their prey. Eden, who usually didn't like to be touched much, relished in the attention and milked it as much as possible by not saying anything. She walked over to her bed (with the girls still clinging on to her), dropped her bag on the floor and slowly removed off her coat and slipped off her shoes. She sat down and calmly looked around her taking in the anticipation and frustration emanating from her friends (and Lottie who was pretending to read her book with a disinterested expression.)
"So? Tell us!" Sabrina stood over Eden with her hands on her hips.  
"Alright, hang on a minute, let me catch my breath!" Eden said.
"Come on, spill!" Bethany said.
"Well, put it this way, Teddy certainly did," Eden said wickedly and grinned at the group around her.
It took a moment for her friends to work out what that meant, but Sky who was slightly more intelligent caught on immediately.
"Eurgh, gross, Eden!"
"What?" Bambi asked looking confused.
"Forget it," Sky replied. "So you did it then?" she nodded at Eden?
"Yep. All night and all day," she flicked her hair over her shoulder and looked very pleased with herself. Lottie groaned inwardly and tried to concentrate on the words which were flickering in front of her, but she couldn't and looked up at Eden.
"It was amazing," she said dreamily. "I never thought it could be like that."
"But what about Jeff, you said the same about him?" Sabrina asked.
"Jeff? Oh yes, Jeff. Oh well, you know, that was good, but this was something else." Eden quickly recovered. She had forgotten the others thought this was far from her first time.
"Teddy is just very experienced, you know? And so fit and strong."
"Didn't you say that about Mike?" Bambi enquired.
"Oh shut up, Bambs. Let her talk!" Sky snapped.
"Sorry," Bambi said. She sat down next to Eden and asked conspiratorially, "So what's his you know what like?" Eden opened her mouth to reply, but the door swung open with a bang and Mrs Bell stepped into the room.
"You should all be ready for bed," she said with her hands on her nipped in waist. "Eden, I already mentioned you were late and you're not even unpacked or undressed. Get ready for bed immediately. And you!" she pointed at Bambi and Sky, "You don't belong here so go back to your dorms." There was a pause. "IMMEDIATELY," she shouted. Bambi and Sky bolted.
"Right, I am going to be back in five minutes to turn your lights out so you better all be in bed," she said more calmly, turned around and walked out.
Eden started to remove her clothes and reached for her Juicy Couture pink velour shorts which had the word 'Princess' printed across the back and matching T-shirt. She looked down at her breasts before she removed her bra.
"Oh dear, seems I have a love bite," she said and giggled.
"Do you know the best thing?" Eden asked her friends who were getting under their duvets.
"What?" they asked in unison?
"Teddy said he was in love with me." Eden said, looking directly at Lottie.


Sunday Evening
And I thought I would have to wait until after the ball for some gossip, but it seems I was wrong.  All anyone can talk about is where Mr Jacobs disappeared to last night and who he is with.  Is it a blonde bobbed girl he met last week or is it a certain new girl?  It couldn't be anyone as boring as his girlfriend, could it?  She hasn't been around all night either....
Mr Wallis's driver was seen waiting outside school last night and a spy tells me he drove to The Dorchester via Graystone.  Another spy also informs me practically everything on the room service menu was ordered at around 10pm.  Either someone was in a bad mood or they were hungry after a night of passion.

And now the whole day has gone and neither of them have been seen since.  Surely hotel check out was at midday?  The new girl was seen at the bench looking forlorn and shivering in the cold.  Wonder what she is so upset about?  She missed lunch and dinner, but that's nothing new if you live with the Blique.  Bet she could do with some of that room service...
And it's not like Teddy to miss tennis practice, but I'm sure he's been getting a different form of exercise.

What everyone wants to know is what happens now?  I'm sure someone mentioned Teddy was planning to be single so what changed his mind?  Maybe the items listed on an Agent Provocateur receipt found in Bluebell Dorm had something to do with it.  Whatever happens, you know you'll hear it here first....



Sent @ 23:34
Yo T! So what happened with Eden then?


Sent @ 01:04
You're missing a really good party, mate, hope it's going well?

Sent @ 03:17

Calll me when u gt this.
I'm still out.  At th partay 


Sent @ 11:23

Where are you?

Received @ 11:26
Dap, you were crazy last night, boy!  
Nah, I haven't heard from him?

Sent @ 12:02
Hey Ted,
Are you coming to tennis practice later?

Received @ 12:05
Really?  No, I didn't know he was breaking up with her.
Still doesn't explain where he is though?

Sent @ 13:28
Still going to voicemail....

Received @ 13:45
Ted, can you get back to Dapper cos he's doing my nut!
BTW did you dump E? Where are you?
Call me.


Teddy awoke to the smell of french fries and it took a moment to work out where he was.  He was fully clothed and lying face down on top of a bed, his face in a puddle of drool on the super soft Egyptian cotton pillowcase.  Lifting his head slightly he saw Eden next to him, under the sheets, with a massive tray of food on her lap while watching the giant flat screen TV jutting out from the foot of the bed.
"Oh hello, Teddy.  Nice sleep?" she asked sarcastically while taking a delicate bite of a cheeseburger.  Teddy sat up and noticed she was wearing a sexy, satiny thing, the strap falling off one shoulder.  She had a smear of tomato ketchup on her cheek.  He looked around the room, at his clothes strewn on the floor, back at Eden in bed ignoring him and realised his colossal error.  She had never looked more beautiful, more sexy.  The soft lighting softened her sharp features and her hair was a frizzy tangle of blonde against the pillow. He was so used to seeing her immaculately dressed, every hair in place so it was such a surprise to see her looking more natural.  He calmly reached for the remote control and turned off the TV.  Eden looked sharply at him, a french fry about to enter her glossy lips.  He looked down at the tray which was heaving with junk food (Eden tended to eat when she was frustrated or angry.  Oh don't you go worrying about her figure, she'd throw it up afterwards....) He took a long swig of her double chocolate, extra thick milkshake and looked deep into her eyes as he sucked at the straw suggestively.  She gasped.  He picked the tray up and placed it down on the floor on his side of the bed.
"Ede, I'm sorry, " he said softly and reached for her hand slowly kissing her fingers one by one and then working his way up to her bare shoulder until his breath tickled her neck.
"Hopefully this will make up for it," he said thickly into her hair.
"I just need to...." Eden said as she tried to bolt for the bathroom, but Teddy grabbed her arm.
"No.  Just stay here," he said firmly, his lips kissing away the ketchup on her cheek and inching towards her lips.
"Erm, OK then," she managed to mumble before he finally reached her mouth, his tongue probing within the warmth.  His breath was cool and chocolaty from the milkshake and she pulled him towards her, pressing her body hard against his.  Eden and Teddy had kissed, but it had never been as passionate as this.  These were the kind of kisses she had read about, dreamt about (and told all her friends she had already experienced - oops, never mind!)  
The flimsy strap of her chemise slipped down her other shoulder as Teddy pushed against her so he moved back and pulled the sheets to one side so he could appreciate the rest of her body in the cream satin and pale pink lace.  Eden liked the gleam in Teddy's eyes as they flickered up and down her flushed body.  She suddenly felt bold enough to start unbuttoning his shirt.  As she moved towards him, her chemise shifted and the Agent Provocateur lace knickers with the pom pom ribbon ties could be glimpsed.  Teddy couldn't take his clothes off fast enough and they soon decorated the plush carpet.  His only attire a pair of electric blue trimmed black Calvin Klein trunks.  Eden stared at his body which was tanned from his recent holiday and ripped from playing tennis.  He had a smattering of sun kissed blonde hair across his chest and Eden buried her lips in it, breathing in his scent. A shaky hand hovered over his Calvin Klein's, not quite sure what to do, but then it snaked around the back, grasping a pert, firm buttock.  They were both kneeling on the sheets now and clinging on to each other, lost in sensuous kisses and the feel of enticing, practically naked flesh.  Teddy placed a warm hand on Eden's bare thigh and.....

Sorry, but that is where we leave these young lovers, I'm afraid.  
Well, honestly, what did you expect? 


"Ello Miss Wallis," Derek said in his gruff cockney accent as he opened the Mercedes door for Eden.  She glanced at his rotund body which was stuffed into a cheap black suit like a sausage in a sausage roll and as she slid onto the cold leather seat she caught a whiff of pickled onion crisps.  She wrinkled her nose and brushed a piece of fluff from her knee.  "Daddy really must get a new driver," she thought.  Derek had been with the family for years and was reliable if not a little shabby looking.
And he did not stop talking as they drove down the narrow country lanes towards Graystone.  Eden was feeling nervous and couldn't concentrate so just sniffed every so often and hoped he would take the hint and shut up.  He didn't.  Fortunately it wasn't long until they reached the turning and the car scrunched down a long gravel path until it reached an impressive, intricately designed wrought iron gateway.  The gates swung open as if they could sense the approaching car.  Gravel turned into a smooth driveway and they continued until they reached the breathtaking view of the vast main reception of Graystone school which was lit by tiny flood lights in the plush thick grass on either side of the drive.  The vision of this beautiful, grand, ancient building would take the breath away of those who saw it, let alone those who had the opportunity to visit it often, but to Eden it was just another boring building.  History was of no interest to her and she jiggled impatiently as the car continued across the length of the building and then turned to the side where smaller, more modern houses were dotted amongst acres of rolling countryside.  Teddy was standing awkwardly outside the front entrance of his house, Benedicte, holding a leather holdall.  As soon as he saw the car he walked towards it and before Derek even had time to pull the hand-break and remove himself from the seat with a groan, Teddy was opening the door.  Eden watched as he seated himself next to her and was slightly disappointed in his attire.  She presumed he'd be wearing an impeccably cut Tom Ford midnight blue suit with crisp white shirt, not jeans and a checked shirt that was half tucked in and a worn brown leather belt with RL stamped into the gold buckle.  There was a pause as he glanced at her and they both leaned in to kiss each other quickly on the lips.  Teddy smelled faintly of sweat.
"You look nice," he said, almost as an after thought.  "Where are we going then?"
Eden was about to open her mouth, but Derek got there first;
"The Dorchester, Mr Jacobs," he replied.  Eden was furious.
"It was supposed to be a surprise," she hissed.
"Oops, sorry Miss Wallis," Derek said and grimaced into the rear-view mirror.
Teddy put his hand over Eden's, "Doesn't matter.  That's a great idea.  What's it in aid of?" he looked at her.
Eden was conscious of Derek's eyes flickering over the two of them so didn't reply.  Instead, she took Teddy's hand and guided it under the fold of her skirt so he could feel the silkiness of her thighs in their tights.  She smiled sexily at him and hope he got the message.  The movement in his jeans suggested that he did.  Finally.  Teddy leaned in to kiss her again, breathing in the scent of her fur coat and hair which were doused in her perfume.  Derek coughed and they giggled and pulled apart.  

The journey to London was smooth and soon they were driving down Park Lane and the fairy lights in the tree outside the Dorchester Hotel were twinkling their greeting.  Derek pulled into the curve of the driveway and a man in a long black fitted coat and tall black hat with gold trim promptly opened the door for them.  Derek deposited Eden's Louis Vuitton bag on the floor with a grunt and winked at them before negotiating himself back into his seat and slowly driving away.
Eden had been to The Dorchester many times before, but she never tired of the revolving doors leading to a grand entrance with pale marble floor chequered with black squares.  There was a scent of lilies mingled with Chanel No. 5 and elegance and old style luxury oozed from the pores of the walls to the high ceilings.  Well, any five star hotel would do really, let's be honest.  They walked over to the reception desk and were greeted by a smiling young man, his smooth, bald head glistening in the bright lights.
"Eden Wallis.  I booked the Stanhope Suite," she barked.  The man's fingers flew over the computer keyboard as he searched for the reservation.
"Yes, of course, Madame.  Here is your key.  Your suite is on the seventh floor and please let me know if I can be of any service," the man said bowing his shiny head.    
The suite was chintzily decorated in pretty, quaint yellow wallpaper with a selection of flower paintings and rich oak furniture.  There was a separate living room containing a writing desk, mustard coloured sofa and large flat screen TV.  Eden and Teddy went through to the bedroom not quite sure what to do with themselves.  Teddy put his bag down on the leather Ottoman and perched on the edge of the floral cover on the King size bed and Eden squeaked, grabbed her bag and raced into the bathroom.  She kneeled on the white and grey marble floor and rummaged for her Pucci wash bag, throwing her coat off and reaching into her dress to roll deodorant on.  She quickly brushed her teeth and patted powder from her Chanel compact to try to tone down her flushed cheeks.  This was it.  She was going to do it, she thought.  She felt very nervous and also a little sad.  A slick of nude Bobbi Brown lip gloss, a glance at her watch and she felt just about ready to open the door and pounce on Teddy.    She placed a shaky hand on the silver doorknob and then paused.  Turning around to look in the mirror once more she hastily removed her dress and her tights.  Adjusting her lingerie, fluffing her hair, adding another layer of lip gloss and liking what she saw in the reflection she finally opened the door.  Eden paused again in the doorway and took a deep breath.  She wondered what would happen.  Would he be naked already in anticipation?  Would he push her down on the bed.  Should she be on top?  Should she say anything?  Did they need some music?  Candles?  She padded into the room, expecting to take his breath away with her appearance.  Well, sorry dear girl, the contents of Teddy's bag were strewn all over the floor, the football on TV was blaring in the background and the boy himself was lying face down on the bed, fully clothed.  Asleep.


OK, so a bit of background on Eden.  She liked to make out she was experienced in the bedroom department, but she had never actually gone all the way.  She had come close with ex boyfriends, but always freaked out at the last minute and then dumped them using the excuse to her friends that they just weren't up to scratch.  Deep down, under the layers of make up, designer clothes and bitchiness, Eden was just like every other normal teenager and waiting for the one she was actually in love with.  Preferably Noah.  But she had a dilemma (and not just that she was going out with his friend.) Noah was meant to be very experienced so if they did get together, and surely it was only a matter of time, then she would need practice first.  She didn't like this Lottie/Teddy situation, however innocent it seemed.  She didn't like the fact he might be losing interest in her and she wanted to do something about it.  And that something was sex.  Yes, it was time to give it up and nothing was going to get in her way.  
Now, where would they do it?  Eden picked up her phone and dialled directory enquiries.
"The Dorchester please," she said in a low, seductive tone.  Then she pressed speed dial button 6.  And finally, she sent a text:

T, change of plan.  
I'm picking you up in a car so be outside the front entrance at 7.  
Bring an overnight bag and get someone to cover for you.
E x

Venue - check
Bikini wax - thank god she had been to Gabriella only that afternoon for her monthly Brazilian (ouch!)
Underwear - courtesy of Agent Provocateur.  If cream lace knickers which tied together with satin ribbons with pom poms on the end and a matching balconette bra didn't do the trick, then nothing would.
Outerwear - A printed silk, knee length Diane von Furstenburg dress teamed with ballet pumps and a white fur coat.
Sleepwear - La Perla cream satin and pale pink lace trimmed chemise
Make up - natural but sexy.  Perhaps a smoky eye and a nude lip.
Hair - tousled with trademark curl.  Maybe spritz some salt spray to give it that beachy, I've been in bed all afternoon having sex look (let's hope!)
Condoms - one in her Prada wallet for emergencies and surely the Dorchester would provide the rest (if not Teddy?)
Excuse for Mrs Bell - relative in hospital hence driver collecting her and being out all day tomorrow (well, hopefully in bed all day) so the old pillows under the duvet to look like a body wouldn't work.
Amount of time to get ready - AGH!

Eden was so busy packing and primping, she didn't really think what she would be doing in a matter of hours.  When it did pop into her head amongst the make up application and hair styling, her stomach would fizz with nerves.  She knew Teddy wasn't a virgin, but he had no idea she was.  It did cross her mind that he had never pushed her to have sex with him.  They had led up to it, but somehow it was never been discussed and he hadn't put her under any pressure.  She thought about her friends.  Sky had definitely done it with Chad, but she was very private about it.  Bambi was very graphic, in fact too graphic which made Eden think she could be exaggerating.  Let's face it, Bambi was so ditzy it was a surprise she could put her bra on the right way.  And Bethany and Sabrina were still virgins.  The ironic thing was Eden's friends thought she was the most experienced of all them.  She stole a glance at the Pasha de Cartier on her wrist and shrieked at the time.  Everyone in the Blique, plus Lottie, were gathered in the dorm, watching her every movement in awe.
"Show time, Ladies," she said and simultaneously zipped up her Vuitton overnight bag, slipped into her fur coat and waltzed out on a cloud of Jo Malone perfume, heading towards her father's driver, Derek, who was outside waiting for her.



@Dapper1: Yo T! You coming out tonight? 

@TeddyJ: Sorry, mate, meeting Eden

@Dapper1: Ah, the ol' ball and chain.  At least someone is getting some!

@TeddyJ: I'm thinking of ending it actually...

@Dapper1: What?  Are you kidding me?  With looks like that, are you sure?

@TeddyJ: It hasn't been right for a while...

@Dapper1: There's no one else then?

@TeddyJ: No comment


@pinkpolish:Spotted: Eden in Agent Provocateur today buying crotchless knickers...wonder who they are for?

@GGirl: Can't be Teddy as he was seen making out with the new girl today

@pinkpolish:Mr Peg then?!

@Angeljeansgirl: Nah, we were totally wrong about that...Teddy and Eden are so back on

@GGirl: The new girl has lost so much weight anyway.  She keeps skipping meals.

@bcool: What do you expect? She lives with the Blique.  She's probably on those gross juice things.


Saturday 21st January
Eden felt good about herself. She had enjoyed the afternoon shopping with her friends and getting a makeover at Mac. As she looked at herself in the mirror and fluttered her freshly applied false eyelashes she thought about Teddy and how she had been ignoring him all week. Seeing as it was Saturday and they usually did something in the evening, she decided to forgo being pissed off with him and send a text suggesting they meet up.

Thx for ur messages, been so busy this week.
You free later? Meet at the usual at 7ish if so?
E x

She was rather surprised not to hear back immediately, but then thought he might be playing tennis or something. Patience is a virtue after all.

"Do you think we got enough choices for the ball or shall we go shopping again next week?" Sabrina was asking as her, Eden and Bethany carried their numerous shopping bags into the dorm about an hour later. They all looked at each other and giggled, "shopping again. Definitely!" They pushed the door open and were surprised to see Bambi and Sky sitting on Eden's bed looking agitated.
"Hey guys, what are you doing here?" Sabrina asked them.
"Yes, I thought you had more important things to do today?" Eden sniffed as she put her bags down on the floor. "You missed out on a good day. We went shopping for the ball, just some extra options you know as my first choice is being altered at Dolce." Bambi's brown left knee was bouncing up and down nervously so Sky calmly put her hand on it.
"Eden, we need to talk to you," she said.
"What the hell is my hair wand doing out, I'm sure I put it away this morning," Eden frowned and unplugged her hair curler, wrapping the long cord around it and placing it back in the drawer.
"Eden," Sky said again. Eden continued to ignore her and started unpacking her shopping from glossy bags, throwing tissue paper all over the floor.
"For God's sake, Eden, Teddy is cheating on you!" Bambi stood up and waved her hands in Eden's face.
"Bambi! Eden, that came out wrong. We don't know if Teddy is cheating on you, but we saw him not too long ago having a long conversation with Lottie."
"What?" Eden barked again, her head snapping back, her eyes blazing.
"It might not mean anything," Sky said. "They were just talking. We just thought you should know, that's all."
"She was wearing a dress though," Bambi added.
Eden sat down on Sabrina's bed. The happy feeling she had felt earlier was gone and in its place was a feeling of jealousy mingled with anger which was worming its way inside her like a snake.
"Where did you see them exactly?" she asked.
"At the bench," Bambi and Sky replied in unison.
What was Teddy doing at the bench anyway? Eden thought. She knew Lottie liked to go there to read. That little wimp would hardly be doing anything as rebellious as smoking. But what was Teddy doing there? It's not like last week when they had planned to meet and he was waiting for her. That's it, last week! She remembered when Lottie had come running into the dorm all flushed and glowing as she had been to collect her book and bumped into Teddy, but hadn't realised who he was. Did they plan to meet up again? Maybe it was just circumstance, but something definitely didn't feel right. The other girls were all looking at each other in discomfort, just waiting for Eden to say something, to fly off the handle. Anything. And then her phone beeped. A text. She calmly rummaged in her one of a kind vintage black Chanel quilted baby rucksack and pulled out her phone.

Sounds great. CU then gorgeous.
T x

She looked up from the small screen and four pairs of eyes were looking expectantly at her. Bambi's baby blue ones were open the widest and made her look like she was going into shock, "Well?"
"That was Teddy," Eden replied in clipped tones and slid the phone shut. "We're going to meet later. At the bench," she spat.
The door banged open and Lottie barged in wearing a floral tea dress with bare legs and black ballet pumps. Her hair was parted down the middle and more curly than usual and she wore a lot of make up. She realised all the members of the Blique were sitting on the beds, staring at her. Their eyes flickering between her and Eden who was perched on Sabrina's bed, glaring at her, eyes like slits.
"Oops, sorry, did I interrupt something?" she bumped against the door frame and giggled as if she were drunk.
"Where have you been?" Eden hissed.
"Er, um, oh, just been for a walk with Jenny and Bette," she waved her hand towards the hallway as if she had just left them.
"Is that right?" Bambi squeaked. She was loving the atmosphere in the room which was as thick as cigar smoke.
"Er, yes!" Lottie appeared nervous now, her lower lip trembling and her chocolate eyes darting from one girl to another. Eden was hunched over her handbag, her phone in her hand and looked like a glamorous wild cat, just waiting to pounce on her pray. Lottie took a deep breath. Something was obviously going on. They seemed very suspicious of her so she thought it was best to be honest. She hadn't actually done anything wrong anyway. Had she?
"Actually, I bumped into Teddy again," she said and went over to her bed, removing her denim jacket. Eden was surprised at her honesty.
"Oh, right," she didn't quite know what to say. Maybe it was all innocent.
"Weren't you swopping telephone numbers?" Bambi asked spitefully, her eyes wide again. Eden snapped her head towards Bambi at this new piece of information and Sky covered her face with her hands.
"Er, well Teddy asked for my number as he's borrowed my book and suggested we arrange for a time for him to return it." She took another deep breath and wondered how Bambi knew about this. Maybe Teddy had called Eden since she left him. Eden frowned. This wasn't so bad. Teddy did like to read also and, yes, he could have just returned the book through herself, but maybe he was just trying to do the right thing. One look at Lottie's face told her all she needed to know. It was obvious she had feelings for him. She was flushed again and her eyes glittered. The extra curly hair explained her wand that had been left out and Bambi was right, she was wearing a dress which was unusual. Plus the make up. Maybe she had planned to meet him. That was the likely story. Well, that bitch would pay. There was silence as everyone waited for Eden to say something, do something. She stood up and unfolded her shopping purchases. Silk and lace slithered out of the bags as she held up a slinky dress against her body. "What do you think girls? Shall I wear it tonight?" she looked pointedly at Lottie and smiled evilly. "I have a date with Teddy," she added. "And tonight just might be the night we finally have sex!"



@BB_MA:Has anyone seen Bambi in this month's Vogue?  She looks so amaaazing.  I can't believe we go to school with a supermodel

@Angeljeansgirl: Ahh, thanks guys.  Glad you like.  

@LoveTeen:I heard Eden offered to pay Bambi's dad so she could also star in an ad as well

@pinkpolish:Yeah and he's ignoring her calls.  Just like Teddy is as he's got two other girlfriends now

@Fashgoddess:I heard Eden hooked up with the drummer in that band at the Sect.  Teddy caught them at it backstage.

@E_Wallis: Have you people not got anything better to do?


So, a lot has been going on lately and sorry I haven't been in touch.  Did anyone see The Crows playing at the Sect the other night?  They were sooo good and i have their album on repeat on my ipod.  There was a certain pink jeaned girl there too, but she seemed a little out of place if you ask me.  Maybe because her boyfriend spent the whole night chatting up a blonde bobbed girl instead of her....or maybe she just wasn't wearing enough black, like everyone else.

Talking of boyfriends, it seems it's not just blondes he's interested in.  Borrow a book from someone, did we?  How innocent.  Or maybe not.  Someone give that girl some carbs as she's looking a bit peaky at the moment.

And the ball is in 2 weeks and I for one can't wait.  Who will be hooking up with who?  And most importantly, what are we going to wear?  I know a few of you have Harvey Nichols on speedial or a designer Dad who can whip up an amazing dress, but some of us will have to make do with the high street.  

And then the week after is half term so lots to look forward to.  Especially the gossip.....



Yes, they have ridiculous names, but haven't you noticed that members of the Blique are hardly called Sarah or Jane?  Bambi and Sky have only been mentioned in passing so far so let's introduce them.

If you replaced the M with an R and added an E at the end of Bambi then you can imagine what she looked like.  Bambi Braithwaite was of average height with very long, very straight, very blonde hair.  She had a year round tan (courtesy of a bottle of Fake Bake) and a pretty heart shaped face with bright blue eyes, a tiny snub nose (courtesy of Dr Finkleman in Harley Street) and a plump bottom lip giving her a permanent pout.  She was renowned for her JJ boobs (possibly courtesy of Dr Finkleman, but she never admitted it) which she flaunted in very tight, low cut tops.  Bambi's father was a famous fashion designer (you know, the one who married another famous fashion designer and I don't mean a female one....) so she had a wardrobe full of his latest collections.  She modelled for his bi-annual denim line ad campaign which meant mingling with hot male models and celebrities and, as you can imagine, this did mean a lot of girls were jealous of her.  Especially Eden who had to keep telling herself Bambi only got to do these things due to her father and not because of her looks which were nothing special, rather obvious and 'Hollywood girl next door.'  Of course, she put her down as much as possible to resume some balance in the world.  And because Bambi knew she wasn't that crazy about her, she would do anything to get Eden's approval.

Sky Davis was the complete opposite of Bambi with her very pale skin, tall, athletic figure and elfin cropped jet black hair.  Sky's father had made a lot of money from hedge funds, but he was also on his fourth wife who Sky hated (along with numbers two and three) so she didn't see much of him.  Sky was the only one of the Blique with a serious long term boyfriend.  An American called Chad who was lead singer in a rock band called Junkshop Dreamers.  They had been around for years, trying to get some credibility by going round pubs and clubs in Europe and constantly switching managers, but one of their songs was recently used in a TV commercial and suddenly they were famous.  Chad was in his early twenties and quit university to start touring worldwide with the band.  Of course this affected his relationship with Sky as she could hardly be a groupie while she was at school, but it was early days.
Sky and Bambi were members of the Blique, but also spent a lot of time by themselves (not to Eden's liking) and as they both smoked regularly they hung out by the bench and talked about their relationships.  Sky and Chad and Bambi and Bethany's brother, Mike, whom she had enjoyed a fling with during the Christmas break.  However, he was proving to be very difficult to pin down now she was back at school and he was at uni.  There were rumours he already had a girlfriend, but she didn't believe that.  She was Bambi Braithwaite, star of the Angel Denim Collection, there couldn't possibly be anyone else.  
So on that Saturday afternoon, Bambi and Sky decided not to join the others on their shopping trip as Sky was waiting for a call from Chad from LA and didn't want to be in a busy shopping centre.  They hung out in their dorm for a bit and then headed towards the bench to gossip and smoke.  And that's where this little scenario between Lottie and Teddy comes in....

"Is that Teddy?" Sky nudged Bambi as they walked towards the bench.  Bambi squinted into the distance.  She desperately needed glasses, but was too vain to get some and too squeamish to wear contact lenses.
"Mmmm, I'm not sure.  Maybe?"
"Yeah.  Yes it definitely is.  Wait, who's he talking to?"
"Mmmm, I'm not sure.  I can't really see from here."
"Bambs, you're so useless," she moved a bit closer and pulled Bambi with her.
"I think it's Lottie, you know."
"Yeah, it's definitely Lottie.  She's wearing a dress!  She doesn't usually wear dresses does she?" Sky asked.  "Bambi, concentrate!" Bambi was busy checking her phone.
"What?  I'm just seeing if Mike has texted me."
"Jesus, Bambi.  Seriously, they look like they are deep in conversation, you know?  This is weird."
"Was Eden supposed to be with him today then?" Bambi asked as she slipped her phone back in her bag.
"I don't think so.  I dunno, maybe they're seeing each other later.  She hasn't mentioned it."  Sky heard a click as Bambi lit a cigarette.
"Bambi, for god's sake, wait will you.  I want to see what happens," she took the cigarette from Bambi's lips and threw it to the ground, stamping on it with her heavy spiky studded boots.
"Sky, what are you doing?" Bambi put her hands on her hips and pouted.
"They might smell it, just wait will you?" Sky frowned at her.  A crease forming between her perfectly shaped black eyebrows.  Bambi sighed.  She couldn't see anything so she was bored.
"Wait, wait, they're getting up!  Now they are just standing there," Bambi sighed again.
"Bambs, she's getting out her phone.  He's giving her his number!" Bambi suddenly looked interested and tried to peer at the couple in the distance again.
"Now he's kissing her!"
"No!" Bambi exclaimed.
"Oh no, it was just on the cheek, but still!  OK, they're leaving now."
Sky turned to Bambi flushed and breathless.  She clasped Bambi's brown arms.
"Bambi, what do we do?"
"What do you mean?
"I mean," Sky replied patiently, "do we tell Eden?"
"Yes. Eden," Sky snapped.
"Honestly, it looked like something was going on there with Lottie and Teddy and he is supposed to be Eden's boyfriend.  Do I have to spell it out for you?"
Bambi looked hurt, her mouth turned down.
"I don't know.  What do you think?"
"I honestly don't know."
Bambi thought back to earlier in the day and the way Eden had curled her lip when they said they didn't want to go shopping.  She also thought back to the other day when she was sent the new issue of Vogue.  She had showed her friends the new Spring/Summer Angel Jeans ad campaign in which she was sprawled on a bed of daisies in nothing but a pair of sprayed on light blue jeans.  Only her hands and some strategically placed leaves had covered her ample breasts.  Everyone had cooed and commented on the ad.  Everyone except Eden who said she looked better in darker jeans as they were more flattering.
"I think we should tell her," Bambi said.  Her eyes gleaming.


Saturday 21st January
He watched her stomping up the hill, her floaty floral dress lifting above her thighs, her long curls flying out behind her like wings.  He called out a few times, but she didn't seem to hear him.  And then she paused and turned around, her expression puzzled.  When she spotted him, the warmth of her smile could rival the sun.  She walked back down until she was standing in front of him and shyly looked up at his face from under her thick eyelashes. 
"Hey," she said in a soft voice.
"Hey!" he laughed.  
Silence.  This was awkward.
Teddy had been thinking about this girl with no name since he first laid eyes on her the week before.  Eden had been funny with him ever since they had gone out to The Sect and he didn't know what her problem was.  She had been ignoring his calls and texts and he thought he would try to meet with her that afternoon or evening, but something had been telling him to keep the day free, to go back to the bench and see if the girl would be there.  And here she was.
"So, are you meeting Eden here again?" the girl blurted out.  "I mean, I know who you are.  She said she was meeting you here last week."
"Oh, er, no I'm not meeting her.  I came to return your book, but while I was walking here I realised I left it behind.  I'm an idiot!" he slapped his head and his cheeks were flushed.
"How did you know I would be here?" Lottie asked coyly.
"Er.  I dunno, I didn't, I guess!" Teddy laughed nervously again.  What was this girl doing to him?  He was acting like a complete dick!  He coughed, stood up straight and tried to recover his composure.
"So, I didn't catch your name last week, but you obviously know Eden?" he asked.
"Yeah, I live with her.  I'm Lottie," she stuck out her hand and they chuckled at the formality.
"Oh right, yeah I know who you are.  Eden has mentioned you,"
"Yeah, I bet she has," Lottie mumbled.  Teddy raised his eyebrow questioningly.
"We have a temperamental relationship.  I'm new here." Lottie stated as if that explained everything.  Teddy could in fact see immediately what the problem was.  Eden was jealous.  Her own group of friends who were by no means unattractive, but this girl, Lottie, was incredible.  And Eden wouldn't like that one bit.  A little voice in his head wondered what she would think if she knew he was talking to her right now, even flirting with her (if you could call it that...) but one look at Lottie's chocolate drop eyes and luscious pink lips and he tried to push the thought and Eden out of his mind altogether.
"Why don't we sit down," Teddy sat down on the bench and gestured for Lottie to do the same.  "So, tell me all about you," he asked.
As Lottie talked about where she came from and how she was finding boarding school, Teddy found his eyes transfixed to her gorgeous, angelic face.  Every so often he would find his gaze flickering to her succulent, olive thighs as the thin fabric of her dress was lifted by the wind.  And then she would realise and place her hands over it so her skin remained covered.  Her voice soothed him and he realised, after the initial awkwardness, he now felt completely relaxed in her company.  Eden somehow always set him on edge.  He never knew what kind of mood she would be in and sometimes he wondered if she was really that into him.  She gave him all the right signals with the way she dressed and acted, but when he was talking to her he could tell she was never completely focused on what he was saying.
"So, that's it really!" Lottie said breathlessly.  Her hands were still resting on her knees and Teddy stared at them.  He was so tempted to reach out and touch them (her hands that is) but knew he couldn't.
"Do you have a boyfriend, Lottie?" he asked.  He loved watching her cheeks go pink.
"Er, no.  Why?" she looked up at him from under her lashes again, a look that Eden did as well and Teddy suddenly got a chill and shivered.
"No reason.  Listen, I better go," he said abruptly and stood up stretching his long legs.  Lottie's face dropped.
"Oh.  OK" she said sadly and stood up also.  Her face looked so forlorn, Teddy couldn't bear it.
"Listen, I'm really sorry.  It's been fun talking to you.  Its just.  Well, you know...."
"No, no it's fine.  I have to get back as well.  Plus I'm freezing!" she giggled and pulled her jacket towards her.  There was another awkward pause.
"Listen Lottie, you better give me your number so we can arrange to meet and I can return your book." He took out his phone from the pocket of his jeans and noticed there was a text from Eden on there which he ignored and punched Lottie's telephone number in as she recited it.
"OK, gotta go.  I'll be in touch," he said as he slipped the phone back in his pocket and bent down to give Lottie a kiss on her cheek.  Her skin was warm, yet soft and her megawatt smile had returned.  They reluctantly said their goodbyes and he walked towards the wood while Lottie went back up the hill.  
Neither of them noticed Bambi and Sky standing only a few metres away, watching them.