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Yes, they have ridiculous names, but haven't you noticed that members of the Blique are hardly called Sarah or Jane?  Bambi and Sky have only been mentioned in passing so far so let's introduce them.

If you replaced the M with an R and added an E at the end of Bambi then you can imagine what she looked like.  Bambi Braithwaite was of average height with very long, very straight, very blonde hair.  She had a year round tan (courtesy of a bottle of Fake Bake) and a pretty heart shaped face with bright blue eyes, a tiny snub nose (courtesy of Dr Finkleman in Harley Street) and a plump bottom lip giving her a permanent pout.  She was renowned for her JJ boobs (possibly courtesy of Dr Finkleman, but she never admitted it) which she flaunted in very tight, low cut tops.  Bambi's father was a famous fashion designer (you know, the one who married another famous fashion designer and I don't mean a female one....) so she had a wardrobe full of his latest collections.  She modelled for his bi-annual denim line ad campaign which meant mingling with hot male models and celebrities and, as you can imagine, this did mean a lot of girls were jealous of her.  Especially Eden who had to keep telling herself Bambi only got to do these things due to her father and not because of her looks which were nothing special, rather obvious and 'Hollywood girl next door.'  Of course, she put her down as much as possible to resume some balance in the world.  And because Bambi knew she wasn't that crazy about her, she would do anything to get Eden's approval.

Sky Davis was the complete opposite of Bambi with her very pale skin, tall, athletic figure and elfin cropped jet black hair.  Sky's father had made a lot of money from hedge funds, but he was also on his fourth wife who Sky hated (along with numbers two and three) so she didn't see much of him.  Sky was the only one of the Blique with a serious long term boyfriend.  An American called Chad who was lead singer in a rock band called Junkshop Dreamers.  They had been around for years, trying to get some credibility by going round pubs and clubs in Europe and constantly switching managers, but one of their songs was recently used in a TV commercial and suddenly they were famous.  Chad was in his early twenties and quit university to start touring worldwide with the band.  Of course this affected his relationship with Sky as she could hardly be a groupie while she was at school, but it was early days.
Sky and Bambi were members of the Blique, but also spent a lot of time by themselves (not to Eden's liking) and as they both smoked regularly they hung out by the bench and talked about their relationships.  Sky and Chad and Bambi and Bethany's brother, Mike, whom she had enjoyed a fling with during the Christmas break.  However, he was proving to be very difficult to pin down now she was back at school and he was at uni.  There were rumours he already had a girlfriend, but she didn't believe that.  She was Bambi Braithwaite, star of the Angel Denim Collection, there couldn't possibly be anyone else.  
So on that Saturday afternoon, Bambi and Sky decided not to join the others on their shopping trip as Sky was waiting for a call from Chad from LA and didn't want to be in a busy shopping centre.  They hung out in their dorm for a bit and then headed towards the bench to gossip and smoke.  And that's where this little scenario between Lottie and Teddy comes in....

"Is that Teddy?" Sky nudged Bambi as they walked towards the bench.  Bambi squinted into the distance.  She desperately needed glasses, but was too vain to get some and too squeamish to wear contact lenses.
"Mmmm, I'm not sure.  Maybe?"
"Yeah.  Yes it definitely is.  Wait, who's he talking to?"
"Mmmm, I'm not sure.  I can't really see from here."
"Bambs, you're so useless," she moved a bit closer and pulled Bambi with her.
"I think it's Lottie, you know."
"Yeah, it's definitely Lottie.  She's wearing a dress!  She doesn't usually wear dresses does she?" Sky asked.  "Bambi, concentrate!" Bambi was busy checking her phone.
"What?  I'm just seeing if Mike has texted me."
"Jesus, Bambi.  Seriously, they look like they are deep in conversation, you know?  This is weird."
"Was Eden supposed to be with him today then?" Bambi asked as she slipped her phone back in her bag.
"I don't think so.  I dunno, maybe they're seeing each other later.  She hasn't mentioned it."  Sky heard a click as Bambi lit a cigarette.
"Bambi, for god's sake, wait will you.  I want to see what happens," she took the cigarette from Bambi's lips and threw it to the ground, stamping on it with her heavy spiky studded boots.
"Sky, what are you doing?" Bambi put her hands on her hips and pouted.
"They might smell it, just wait will you?" Sky frowned at her.  A crease forming between her perfectly shaped black eyebrows.  Bambi sighed.  She couldn't see anything so she was bored.
"Wait, wait, they're getting up!  Now they are just standing there," Bambi sighed again.
"Bambs, she's getting out her phone.  He's giving her his number!" Bambi suddenly looked interested and tried to peer at the couple in the distance again.
"Now he's kissing her!"
"No!" Bambi exclaimed.
"Oh no, it was just on the cheek, but still!  OK, they're leaving now."
Sky turned to Bambi flushed and breathless.  She clasped Bambi's brown arms.
"Bambi, what do we do?"
"What do you mean?
"I mean," Sky replied patiently, "do we tell Eden?"
"Yes. Eden," Sky snapped.
"Honestly, it looked like something was going on there with Lottie and Teddy and he is supposed to be Eden's boyfriend.  Do I have to spell it out for you?"
Bambi looked hurt, her mouth turned down.
"I don't know.  What do you think?"
"I honestly don't know."
Bambi thought back to earlier in the day and the way Eden had curled her lip when they said they didn't want to go shopping.  She also thought back to the other day when she was sent the new issue of Vogue.  She had showed her friends the new Spring/Summer Angel Jeans ad campaign in which she was sprawled on a bed of daisies in nothing but a pair of sprayed on light blue jeans.  Only her hands and some strategically placed leaves had covered her ample breasts.  Everyone had cooed and commented on the ad.  Everyone except Eden who said she looked better in darker jeans as they were more flattering.
"I think we should tell her," Bambi said.  Her eyes gleaming.

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