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Saturday 21st January
Eden felt good about herself. She had enjoyed the afternoon shopping with her friends and getting a makeover at Mac. As she looked at herself in the mirror and fluttered her freshly applied false eyelashes she thought about Teddy and how she had been ignoring him all week. Seeing as it was Saturday and they usually did something in the evening, she decided to forgo being pissed off with him and send a text suggesting they meet up.

Thx for ur messages, been so busy this week.
You free later? Meet at the usual at 7ish if so?
E x

She was rather surprised not to hear back immediately, but then thought he might be playing tennis or something. Patience is a virtue after all.

"Do you think we got enough choices for the ball or shall we go shopping again next week?" Sabrina was asking as her, Eden and Bethany carried their numerous shopping bags into the dorm about an hour later. They all looked at each other and giggled, "shopping again. Definitely!" They pushed the door open and were surprised to see Bambi and Sky sitting on Eden's bed looking agitated.
"Hey guys, what are you doing here?" Sabrina asked them.
"Yes, I thought you had more important things to do today?" Eden sniffed as she put her bags down on the floor. "You missed out on a good day. We went shopping for the ball, just some extra options you know as my first choice is being altered at Dolce." Bambi's brown left knee was bouncing up and down nervously so Sky calmly put her hand on it.
"Eden, we need to talk to you," she said.
"What the hell is my hair wand doing out, I'm sure I put it away this morning," Eden frowned and unplugged her hair curler, wrapping the long cord around it and placing it back in the drawer.
"Eden," Sky said again. Eden continued to ignore her and started unpacking her shopping from glossy bags, throwing tissue paper all over the floor.
"For God's sake, Eden, Teddy is cheating on you!" Bambi stood up and waved her hands in Eden's face.
"Bambi! Eden, that came out wrong. We don't know if Teddy is cheating on you, but we saw him not too long ago having a long conversation with Lottie."
"What?" Eden barked again, her head snapping back, her eyes blazing.
"It might not mean anything," Sky said. "They were just talking. We just thought you should know, that's all."
"She was wearing a dress though," Bambi added.
Eden sat down on Sabrina's bed. The happy feeling she had felt earlier was gone and in its place was a feeling of jealousy mingled with anger which was worming its way inside her like a snake.
"Where did you see them exactly?" she asked.
"At the bench," Bambi and Sky replied in unison.
What was Teddy doing at the bench anyway? Eden thought. She knew Lottie liked to go there to read. That little wimp would hardly be doing anything as rebellious as smoking. But what was Teddy doing there? It's not like last week when they had planned to meet and he was waiting for her. That's it, last week! She remembered when Lottie had come running into the dorm all flushed and glowing as she had been to collect her book and bumped into Teddy, but hadn't realised who he was. Did they plan to meet up again? Maybe it was just circumstance, but something definitely didn't feel right. The other girls were all looking at each other in discomfort, just waiting for Eden to say something, to fly off the handle. Anything. And then her phone beeped. A text. She calmly rummaged in her one of a kind vintage black Chanel quilted baby rucksack and pulled out her phone.

Sounds great. CU then gorgeous.
T x

She looked up from the small screen and four pairs of eyes were looking expectantly at her. Bambi's baby blue ones were open the widest and made her look like she was going into shock, "Well?"
"That was Teddy," Eden replied in clipped tones and slid the phone shut. "We're going to meet later. At the bench," she spat.
The door banged open and Lottie barged in wearing a floral tea dress with bare legs and black ballet pumps. Her hair was parted down the middle and more curly than usual and she wore a lot of make up. She realised all the members of the Blique were sitting on the beds, staring at her. Their eyes flickering between her and Eden who was perched on Sabrina's bed, glaring at her, eyes like slits.
"Oops, sorry, did I interrupt something?" she bumped against the door frame and giggled as if she were drunk.
"Where have you been?" Eden hissed.
"Er, um, oh, just been for a walk with Jenny and Bette," she waved her hand towards the hallway as if she had just left them.
"Is that right?" Bambi squeaked. She was loving the atmosphere in the room which was as thick as cigar smoke.
"Er, yes!" Lottie appeared nervous now, her lower lip trembling and her chocolate eyes darting from one girl to another. Eden was hunched over her handbag, her phone in her hand and looked like a glamorous wild cat, just waiting to pounce on her pray. Lottie took a deep breath. Something was obviously going on. They seemed very suspicious of her so she thought it was best to be honest. She hadn't actually done anything wrong anyway. Had she?
"Actually, I bumped into Teddy again," she said and went over to her bed, removing her denim jacket. Eden was surprised at her honesty.
"Oh, right," she didn't quite know what to say. Maybe it was all innocent.
"Weren't you swopping telephone numbers?" Bambi asked spitefully, her eyes wide again. Eden snapped her head towards Bambi at this new piece of information and Sky covered her face with her hands.
"Er, well Teddy asked for my number as he's borrowed my book and suggested we arrange for a time for him to return it." She took another deep breath and wondered how Bambi knew about this. Maybe Teddy had called Eden since she left him. Eden frowned. This wasn't so bad. Teddy did like to read also and, yes, he could have just returned the book through herself, but maybe he was just trying to do the right thing. One look at Lottie's face told her all she needed to know. It was obvious she had feelings for him. She was flushed again and her eyes glittered. The extra curly hair explained her wand that had been left out and Bambi was right, she was wearing a dress which was unusual. Plus the make up. Maybe she had planned to meet him. That was the likely story. Well, that bitch would pay. There was silence as everyone waited for Eden to say something, do something. She stood up and unfolded her shopping purchases. Silk and lace slithered out of the bags as she held up a slinky dress against her body. "What do you think girls? Shall I wear it tonight?" she looked pointedly at Lottie and smiled evilly. "I have a date with Teddy," she added. "And tonight just might be the night we finally have sex!"

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