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Teddy awoke to the smell of french fries and it took a moment to work out where he was.  He was fully clothed and lying face down on top of a bed, his face in a puddle of drool on the super soft Egyptian cotton pillowcase.  Lifting his head slightly he saw Eden next to him, under the sheets, with a massive tray of food on her lap while watching the giant flat screen TV jutting out from the foot of the bed.
"Oh hello, Teddy.  Nice sleep?" she asked sarcastically while taking a delicate bite of a cheeseburger.  Teddy sat up and noticed she was wearing a sexy, satiny thing, the strap falling off one shoulder.  She had a smear of tomato ketchup on her cheek.  He looked around the room, at his clothes strewn on the floor, back at Eden in bed ignoring him and realised his colossal error.  She had never looked more beautiful, more sexy.  The soft lighting softened her sharp features and her hair was a frizzy tangle of blonde against the pillow. He was so used to seeing her immaculately dressed, every hair in place so it was such a surprise to see her looking more natural.  He calmly reached for the remote control and turned off the TV.  Eden looked sharply at him, a french fry about to enter her glossy lips.  He looked down at the tray which was heaving with junk food (Eden tended to eat when she was frustrated or angry.  Oh don't you go worrying about her figure, she'd throw it up afterwards....) He took a long swig of her double chocolate, extra thick milkshake and looked deep into her eyes as he sucked at the straw suggestively.  She gasped.  He picked the tray up and placed it down on the floor on his side of the bed.
"Ede, I'm sorry, " he said softly and reached for her hand slowly kissing her fingers one by one and then working his way up to her bare shoulder until his breath tickled her neck.
"Hopefully this will make up for it," he said thickly into her hair.
"I just need to...." Eden said as she tried to bolt for the bathroom, but Teddy grabbed her arm.
"No.  Just stay here," he said firmly, his lips kissing away the ketchup on her cheek and inching towards her lips.
"Erm, OK then," she managed to mumble before he finally reached her mouth, his tongue probing within the warmth.  His breath was cool and chocolaty from the milkshake and she pulled him towards her, pressing her body hard against his.  Eden and Teddy had kissed, but it had never been as passionate as this.  These were the kind of kisses she had read about, dreamt about (and told all her friends she had already experienced - oops, never mind!)  
The flimsy strap of her chemise slipped down her other shoulder as Teddy pushed against her so he moved back and pulled the sheets to one side so he could appreciate the rest of her body in the cream satin and pale pink lace.  Eden liked the gleam in Teddy's eyes as they flickered up and down her flushed body.  She suddenly felt bold enough to start unbuttoning his shirt.  As she moved towards him, her chemise shifted and the Agent Provocateur lace knickers with the pom pom ribbon ties could be glimpsed.  Teddy couldn't take his clothes off fast enough and they soon decorated the plush carpet.  His only attire a pair of electric blue trimmed black Calvin Klein trunks.  Eden stared at his body which was tanned from his recent holiday and ripped from playing tennis.  He had a smattering of sun kissed blonde hair across his chest and Eden buried her lips in it, breathing in his scent. A shaky hand hovered over his Calvin Klein's, not quite sure what to do, but then it snaked around the back, grasping a pert, firm buttock.  They were both kneeling on the sheets now and clinging on to each other, lost in sensuous kisses and the feel of enticing, practically naked flesh.  Teddy placed a warm hand on Eden's bare thigh and.....

Sorry, but that is where we leave these young lovers, I'm afraid.  
Well, honestly, what did you expect? 

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