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So, a lot has been going on lately and sorry I haven't been in touch.  Did anyone see The Crows playing at the Sect the other night?  They were sooo good and i have their album on repeat on my ipod.  There was a certain pink jeaned girl there too, but she seemed a little out of place if you ask me.  Maybe because her boyfriend spent the whole night chatting up a blonde bobbed girl instead of her....or maybe she just wasn't wearing enough black, like everyone else.

Talking of boyfriends, it seems it's not just blondes he's interested in.  Borrow a book from someone, did we?  How innocent.  Or maybe not.  Someone give that girl some carbs as she's looking a bit peaky at the moment.

And the ball is in 2 weeks and I for one can't wait.  Who will be hooking up with who?  And most importantly, what are we going to wear?  I know a few of you have Harvey Nichols on speedial or a designer Dad who can whip up an amazing dress, but some of us will have to make do with the high street.  

And then the week after is half term so lots to look forward to.  Especially the gossip.....

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