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OK, so a bit of background on Eden.  She liked to make out she was experienced in the bedroom department, but she had never actually gone all the way.  She had come close with ex boyfriends, but always freaked out at the last minute and then dumped them using the excuse to her friends that they just weren't up to scratch.  Deep down, under the layers of make up, designer clothes and bitchiness, Eden was just like every other normal teenager and waiting for the one she was actually in love with.  Preferably Noah.  But she had a dilemma (and not just that she was going out with his friend.) Noah was meant to be very experienced so if they did get together, and surely it was only a matter of time, then she would need practice first.  She didn't like this Lottie/Teddy situation, however innocent it seemed.  She didn't like the fact he might be losing interest in her and she wanted to do something about it.  And that something was sex.  Yes, it was time to give it up and nothing was going to get in her way.  
Now, where would they do it?  Eden picked up her phone and dialled directory enquiries.
"The Dorchester please," she said in a low, seductive tone.  Then she pressed speed dial button 6.  And finally, she sent a text:

T, change of plan.  
I'm picking you up in a car so be outside the front entrance at 7.  
Bring an overnight bag and get someone to cover for you.
E x

Venue - check
Bikini wax - thank god she had been to Gabriella only that afternoon for her monthly Brazilian (ouch!)
Underwear - courtesy of Agent Provocateur.  If cream lace knickers which tied together with satin ribbons with pom poms on the end and a matching balconette bra didn't do the trick, then nothing would.
Outerwear - A printed silk, knee length Diane von Furstenburg dress teamed with ballet pumps and a white fur coat.
Sleepwear - La Perla cream satin and pale pink lace trimmed chemise
Make up - natural but sexy.  Perhaps a smoky eye and a nude lip.
Hair - tousled with trademark curl.  Maybe spritz some salt spray to give it that beachy, I've been in bed all afternoon having sex look (let's hope!)
Condoms - one in her Prada wallet for emergencies and surely the Dorchester would provide the rest (if not Teddy?)
Excuse for Mrs Bell - relative in hospital hence driver collecting her and being out all day tomorrow (well, hopefully in bed all day) so the old pillows under the duvet to look like a body wouldn't work.
Amount of time to get ready - AGH!

Eden was so busy packing and primping, she didn't really think what she would be doing in a matter of hours.  When it did pop into her head amongst the make up application and hair styling, her stomach would fizz with nerves.  She knew Teddy wasn't a virgin, but he had no idea she was.  It did cross her mind that he had never pushed her to have sex with him.  They had led up to it, but somehow it was never been discussed and he hadn't put her under any pressure.  She thought about her friends.  Sky had definitely done it with Chad, but she was very private about it.  Bambi was very graphic, in fact too graphic which made Eden think she could be exaggerating.  Let's face it, Bambi was so ditzy it was a surprise she could put her bra on the right way.  And Bethany and Sabrina were still virgins.  The ironic thing was Eden's friends thought she was the most experienced of all them.  She stole a glance at the Pasha de Cartier on her wrist and shrieked at the time.  Everyone in the Blique, plus Lottie, were gathered in the dorm, watching her every movement in awe.
"Show time, Ladies," she said and simultaneously zipped up her Vuitton overnight bag, slipped into her fur coat and waltzed out on a cloud of Jo Malone perfume, heading towards her father's driver, Derek, who was outside waiting for her.

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