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Saturday 21st January
He watched her stomping up the hill, her floaty floral dress lifting above her thighs, her long curls flying out behind her like wings.  He called out a few times, but she didn't seem to hear him.  And then she paused and turned around, her expression puzzled.  When she spotted him, the warmth of her smile could rival the sun.  She walked back down until she was standing in front of him and shyly looked up at his face from under her thick eyelashes. 
"Hey," she said in a soft voice.
"Hey!" he laughed.  
Silence.  This was awkward.
Teddy had been thinking about this girl with no name since he first laid eyes on her the week before.  Eden had been funny with him ever since they had gone out to The Sect and he didn't know what her problem was.  She had been ignoring his calls and texts and he thought he would try to meet with her that afternoon or evening, but something had been telling him to keep the day free, to go back to the bench and see if the girl would be there.  And here she was.
"So, are you meeting Eden here again?" the girl blurted out.  "I mean, I know who you are.  She said she was meeting you here last week."
"Oh, er, no I'm not meeting her.  I came to return your book, but while I was walking here I realised I left it behind.  I'm an idiot!" he slapped his head and his cheeks were flushed.
"How did you know I would be here?" Lottie asked coyly.
"Er.  I dunno, I didn't, I guess!" Teddy laughed nervously again.  What was this girl doing to him?  He was acting like a complete dick!  He coughed, stood up straight and tried to recover his composure.
"So, I didn't catch your name last week, but you obviously know Eden?" he asked.
"Yeah, I live with her.  I'm Lottie," she stuck out her hand and they chuckled at the formality.
"Oh right, yeah I know who you are.  Eden has mentioned you,"
"Yeah, I bet she has," Lottie mumbled.  Teddy raised his eyebrow questioningly.
"We have a temperamental relationship.  I'm new here." Lottie stated as if that explained everything.  Teddy could in fact see immediately what the problem was.  Eden was jealous.  Her own group of friends who were by no means unattractive, but this girl, Lottie, was incredible.  And Eden wouldn't like that one bit.  A little voice in his head wondered what she would think if she knew he was talking to her right now, even flirting with her (if you could call it that...) but one look at Lottie's chocolate drop eyes and luscious pink lips and he tried to push the thought and Eden out of his mind altogether.
"Why don't we sit down," Teddy sat down on the bench and gestured for Lottie to do the same.  "So, tell me all about you," he asked.
As Lottie talked about where she came from and how she was finding boarding school, Teddy found his eyes transfixed to her gorgeous, angelic face.  Every so often he would find his gaze flickering to her succulent, olive thighs as the thin fabric of her dress was lifted by the wind.  And then she would realise and place her hands over it so her skin remained covered.  Her voice soothed him and he realised, after the initial awkwardness, he now felt completely relaxed in her company.  Eden somehow always set him on edge.  He never knew what kind of mood she would be in and sometimes he wondered if she was really that into him.  She gave him all the right signals with the way she dressed and acted, but when he was talking to her he could tell she was never completely focused on what he was saying.
"So, that's it really!" Lottie said breathlessly.  Her hands were still resting on her knees and Teddy stared at them.  He was so tempted to reach out and touch them (her hands that is) but knew he couldn't.
"Do you have a boyfriend, Lottie?" he asked.  He loved watching her cheeks go pink.
"Er, no.  Why?" she looked up at him from under her lashes again, a look that Eden did as well and Teddy suddenly got a chill and shivered.
"No reason.  Listen, I better go," he said abruptly and stood up stretching his long legs.  Lottie's face dropped.
"Oh.  OK" she said sadly and stood up also.  Her face looked so forlorn, Teddy couldn't bear it.
"Listen, I'm really sorry.  It's been fun talking to you.  Its just.  Well, you know...."
"No, no it's fine.  I have to get back as well.  Plus I'm freezing!" she giggled and pulled her jacket towards her.  There was another awkward pause.
"Listen Lottie, you better give me your number so we can arrange to meet and I can return your book." He took out his phone from the pocket of his jeans and noticed there was a text from Eden on there which he ignored and punched Lottie's telephone number in as she recited it.
"OK, gotta go.  I'll be in touch," he said as he slipped the phone back in his pocket and bent down to give Lottie a kiss on her cheek.  Her skin was warm, yet soft and her megawatt smile had returned.  They reluctantly said their goodbyes and he walked towards the wood while Lottie went back up the hill.  
Neither of them noticed Bambi and Sky standing only a few metres away, watching them.

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