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"What the hell am I going to wear to the ball next week?" Bette asked as she went through her wardrobe and turned all her drawers inside out with a frantic scrabbling.  Lottie sat on her bed and watched her while eating her way through a packet of Pringles.
"We're so going to have to go shopping tomorrow," Bette mused as she went from the drawers back to the wardrobe and continued to flick through the clothes hanging up, the scraping of the wire hangers on the rail beginning to grate on Lottie's nerves.  She shook the Pringles at Bette to distract her.  
"So, what's the deal with this ball thing?  Do you have to get really dressed up?"
"Well, it's up to you, but everyone tends to go all out.  The Blique get to showcase all their new designer wear, of course."
"Yeah, Eden gets frustrated that the ball always falls before fashion week as she would like to be wearing next season's stuff if possible," Jenny said while flicking through a fashion magazine.
"And there is always competition between them because Bambi gets sent loads of clothes from her Dad and Eden has to upstage everyone," Fliss added.
Bette sighed and flopped on the bed next to Lottie, "Go on then, " she gestured towards the Pringles and stuck her hand in the tube.  "What are you going to wear?" she asked Lottie with a mouthful of crisps.  Lottie thought of her own pathetic, unexciting wardrobe and shrugged.  
"No idea.  I haven't really got anything appropriate so hopefully I can find something if we go shopping.  I want to look my best."
"Who are we all trying to impress then?" Jenny mused while still engrossed in her magazine.
"What do you mean?" Lottie asked.
"Boys, Lottie, boys!  Who do we all fancy?" Bette asked and reached for the Pringles again.
"Well I quite like Jamie Dunn," Fliss said quietly.
"WHAT?" Bette shrieked, crumbs spraying from her mouth.  She leapt up and jumped on Fliss's bed.  "You never said! When did this start?"  
Fliss blushed furiously, "I don't know, I've just bumped into him a few times."
"Bumped into him a few times, where?  How?" Bette jumped up and down.  Lottie giggled and Jenny was smiling into her magazine.
"Jamie and Fliss, sitting in a tree..." Bette chanted while knocking into her.
"Oh stop it, you're so immature,"Fliss shrugged her off, but started giggling.
"What about you Jen?  Or is it still Smithy, even though it's obvious he fancies Bambi?"
"Yeah well, she might have the boobs, but I have the brains," Jenny looked up and grinned."  And a killer outfit of course," she stood up and went over to her wardrobe removing a long zip up bag.  She placed it on the bed and unzipped it tantalisingly.  Inside was a deep blue mid length dress which flared out at the waist and had a low neckline that was trimmed in diamante.  It was simple, but would look stunning on Jenny and, as she often dressed a bit like a tomboy, it was deliciously feminine.
"Wow, Jen, that will be gorgeous on you!" Fliss exclaimed and the girls all nodded in agreement.  Jenny put the dress back in the bag, zipped it up and placed it back in the wardrobe.  She sat back on her bed and continued to read her magazine with a pleased smile on her face.
"Well, obviously I still have a major crush on Charlie so that just leaves you, Lots."  The girls all looked over to Lottie expectantly.  She shrugged again and blushed.  
"I don't know, I haven't really met anyone yet, have I?"  
"Well this is the perfect opportunity," Fliss said reassuringly.
"What about Teddy?" Jenny blurted out.
"Yeah, we have been hearing all these rumours about you guys.  That you were seen at the bench with him exchanging numbers."  Fliss glared at Jenny,
"We were waiting for you to say something about it, Lots.  We thought they might just be rumours cos it's obvious him and Eden are serious since last weekend." Fliss said kindly.
"It's nothing." Lottie replied.  "Honestly, I've bumped into him a few times and he's really nice, but obviously she's his girlfriend.  Anyway, I want to hear all about this Jamie bloke!" 
The other girls looked at each other, but then Fliss decided to go along with the change of subject,
"Well.  It all started when....."

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