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Lottie shivered in her strapless dress as the wind whipped around her. She was cold and yet her armpits felt slick with sweat and her hands clammy. Her heart was beating out of time to the relentless thump thump thump of the music which could be heard in the distance. She slid her phone out of her clutch bag, but there were no new messages. The girls were giggling and swirling around the dance floor the last time she had seen them. She doubted they would miss her. She shivered again. Where was he? And then, as she looked up, she saw a glowing orange light which was moving towards her. She squinted into the night and couldn't see anything else, just the orange dot which got closer and closer and then disappeared altogether.
"Lottie!" A male voice called out and her heart beat even faster. Before she knew it, he was standing in front of her. His bow tie was undone and his white shirt unbuttoned so the top of his chest gleamed in the moonlight. His hair was rumpled and she could smell a crisp, lemony aftershave which made her senses reel.  There was a rustling and then a click and the orange light appeared again. “I didn’t know you smoked,” Lottie said. 
“Yeah, I know, bad habit, but it calms me down in certain situations,” he slid the lighted back into his pocked and took a deep pull on the cigarette exhaling a long plume of smoke.  He reached for her hand and she felt the butterflies rise and fall in her stomach.  He led her towards the bench and they sat down. Lottie pressed her knees together to keep her legs from shaking. She shivered and in the next breath he was putting out his cigarette and taking off his jacket to place around her shoulders. The warmth from his body burned against her skin. She went to say thank you, her mouth dry, but suddenly she felt a hand gently stroking her cheek and as she turned to face him he moved his hand to her chin and firmly, but softly pulled her towards him.  “There’s no need to be nervous,” he whispered and before she knew it, his lips were pressing on hers. He parted her lips with his tongue and they kissed deeply. “I’m actually doing it!” Lottie thought estactically and then every other thought left her brain as her body became a tingling whirlpool of desire. The scent of his lemony perfume mingled with the faint smell of shampoo enveloped her and she could taste cigarette smoke and tang of alcohol.  His mouth was as moreish as chocolate and she drank him in as she pressed her body up against his and clung on to his back with her hands.  It felt like hours before they broke away and as their lips moved apart she felt she couldn’t breathe.  Could never breathe again without his kisses providing her with oxygen, with life.
"I've been wanting to do that for such a long time," she said.
"Me too. You're so beautiful," he whispered and pulled her towards him again.
They were so engrossed in each other, neither of them heard a twig snap and the sound of someone running up the hill towards the school.

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