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"Ouch!" Lottie said as Bette's curling wand touched the back of her neck.
"Sorry!" Bette concentrated on the thick mane of hair, her tongue poking out from between her teeth as she focused.  She sighed and flexed her wrist again, "Are you sure you don't want it up?" she asked.
"No, I like it down otherwise I'll feel really exposed with a strapless dress," Lottie said.
"Maybe that's not a bad thing," Jenny piped up from in front of the mirror where she was applying her false eyelashes.  Lottie lifted her hair up and turned from side to side, "What do you think?"
"Definitely up," all her friends replied in unison.
"Ok, up it is!" she grinned at Bette.  "Do you mind then?"  Bette gratefully switched off the wand, put it down and reached for a hairbrush and a pack of hairpins.
"So, do you have any idea what the Blique are wearing?" she said as she twisted Lottie's hair into a knot.
"Oh come on, you know I don't really know much about designer labels, it's all Dolce this and de la something that.  Bambi's Dad sent a big package which arrived yesterday and Eden completely freaked out as she wouldn't show anyone what was in it.  I think it's been in Mrs Bell's room under lock and key in case Eden goes snooping!" Lottie giggled.
"I don't really like her dad's clothes much, but wouldn't say no to a free outfit!  Hey, what do you think of this colour?" Jenny stuck her arm out to show off a fuchsia pink lipstick.
"I don't think it will look right with your dress.  Try something paler," Fliss advised and she winced as she plucked her eyebrows in a tiny mirror, sitting cross legged on her bed.  
Bette sighed again as she tried to pin Lottie's hair, but tendrils of it kept falling down, "I wish we could bloody afford hair appointments and professional eyebrow plucking," she said in frustration.  "I'm getting all sweaty here, I'll need to have another shower in a minute!"
"Well I wouldn't mind having my eyelashes professionally applied to," Jenny said from in front of the mirror where she was still struggling with the fake lashes on her left eye.  "But, don't you think this is much more fun?  And at least we're all together!"
"And we're all getting on.  Can you imagine the competition between the Blique right now?"  
"I know, the tradition is they all meet for drinks somewhere fancy after their beauty appointments, then they get changed into their outfits and all arrive separately.  I am just waiting for the day two of them show up in the same dress!" Bette cackled.
"You're evil, Bette.  That would be amazing though," Fliss chuckled.
"And, we're done!" Bette said and did jazz hands in the mirror at Lottie.  There was a pause in conversation as they all stared at her.
"Wow, it looks great!  Stand up and do a twirl," Fliss said.
Lottie stood up and shyly did a twirl, embarrassed of the attention.  She caught her reflection out of the corner of her eye and stood in front of the mirror so she could examine herself properly.  The intricate hair-do showed off her long neck and the sweetheart neckline.  The crystal necklace picked up the blush pink of the dress and sparkled like rows of stars.  Bette had applied more make up than she usually wore, but it was still very natural.  A sweep of blusher over her high cheekbones, a dusting of gold glittery eye shadow, a flick of black liquid eyeliner and a dab of pale pink lip gloss intensified her beauty and her skin glowed with excitement.  The silence said it all as her friends stared at her.  Then Jenny started to clap and they all joined in, giggling.  Fliss jumped off her bed and rushed over to Lottie, throwing her arms around her.  "Lots, you look so unbelievably stunning!" she cried.
"Careful, watch the hair!" Bette swatted Fliss's arms away.
"Oh stop it," Lottie said softly, smiling.  "It's all down to Bette's amazing hair and make up!"  She glanced at the clock on the wall, "You better get ready, guys, we haven't got too long, you know."  There were cries of panic as the others fluttered around the room trying to get themselves together.  Not long after, there was a knock on the door from Mrs Bell saying they had another half an hour before they all had to gather in the common room and depart together.  Girls from other dorms then started popping in to borrow eye lash curlers and various make up (and to assess the competition....) so that delayed them even further.  Finally, they were all ready and had a group hug before leaving the dorm.  With her hand on the door knob Fliss paused.  
"Wait, we have to take a photo of us all!"  She snapped various individual photos of the girls and then balanced her camera on the window sill and put it on a timer.  They all stood together as far away from the window as possible and grinned madly until it clicked.
"Come on, let's go.  Let the ball commence!"

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